Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 127

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Don’t let the cuteness fool you. It was not a sleep-full night for Mommy.  I got up to go the bathroom and my center spot was suddenly not there.

6/29 Day 127 F:   At 5:30 MM woke me up for a giant pee.  I took him to the toilet because I had to go myself, then we went back to bed.  I missed the next two wees but I had the bed lined with towels and my wee pad so it wasn’t problem despite him being soaked.  We had the world’s worst continental breakfast at the Howard Johnson at 9AM and were on the road by 9:45AM.   At our first stop at around 12:00 we caught a pee.

We missed the pee at our lunch stop and Cabellas visit around 2:30PM.    We were making good time until we got stuck in road construction and had a miss because of the delay at our scheduled stop.   We also added an extra 30 minutes to our trip because of severe thunderstorms and Daddy Man took a longer route to stay ahead of it.   We, of course, had a soaked baby but we made it with five minutes to spare at around 6:30pm before the storm hit.

Even though MM was soaked he had a toilet pee just before we lost power and we missed the poop as G-Ma was holding him.       Itty Bitty had no problems, no meltdowns, and no accidents–she either slept, talked, sang, played with the hand held movie viewer, or played with her leap pad for the whole trip.  She spent the evening playing with old classic trucks that had belonged to G-Ma’s brother who pulled them out for her.    We spent an hour in the cellar in case the 70MPH winds decided to take out the bay windows and then we ate the best gas station corner subs I’ve ever had.    Small town!


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