Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 128

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 5:  We Have Mobility

The trick to EC in a mei tai is to respect the wake up wiggle and do not wait!

6/30 Day 128 S:   We are in the midst of rolling blackouts due to the force of the storm!    I am not prepared for a week with no electricity and I only brought half of my flats which are easiest to hand launder if necessary.   Let’s hope it doesn’t last as long as that.  Thank goodness for EC!   Even if I catch only half of the expulsions that is a lot of diapers saved!

It was hot yesterday but today it is 95 and humid with no air conditioning or fans.   Yikes.     I caught the 5AM pee when MM and I made a mutual pit stop.   It was a very good night and I only used two diapers! Itty Bitty was very restless in the night again.     Early rise at 7AM and a series of cluster misses, but we used the same prefold back up from 10:30 AM to 7PM!        Potty opps were given after naps and about every 45 minutes if not in the mei tai (I know it seems a lot but it isn’t, all the extra nursing makes for unpredictable pee!) when awake if he didn’t fall asleep first.    We spent a brief time at the farm and most of the day at Daddy Man’s Sister #2’s house because she lived near an electric substation and thus had power and air conditioning in this heat.   IB got to play with four of her cousins (three were elsewhere) aged 10, 6, 5, and 3.    IB was drinking so much water and had three epic pees.  She’s been asking for help to use “non home” toilets without an insert.   Her cousins kept her busy but she had no problems stopping play.   I made sure, though, to show her where the bathroom is whenever we go someplace new and always suggest a potty break when we arrive or before we leave as a precaution.  I respect the no if it is given.

Back at Home Base (the home of Daddy Man’s now deceased grandmother on his mother’s side) we got power back on at 8pm.   I immediately did a load of diaper laundry that I had already begun to soak for a hand wash because I was afraid it would go out again after the next storm predicted for that evening.   I wanted to be sure I was well stocked for a week without power just in case.    There were already crazy lines at the only working gas station for miles and Daddy Man’s family had to go on quite a trek that day to find gas and a place to eat earlier in the day (Daddy Man’s Mom, Uncle, brother, and brother’s girlfriend).


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