Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 129

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 5:  We Have Mobility

Taming the hose. Not shown is our picnic blanket for bellytime.

7/1 Day 129 Su:  IB at 2AM woke up hysterical and inconsolable.  It’s so hot and the bed is not as comfortable as our set up at hoe.   I ended up sleeping on 1/4 of a full sized bed with MM on my left in my armpit and my toddler plastered against my back hot and sticky.    The air conditioning does cool off this far room and the fans can’t do much until well into nightfall. MM woke up soaking wet at 6AM.  I must have fallen into a deep exhausted sleep since I haven’t slept much since we left home.   I missed the next two cluster pees, caught two, and missed two.   We were up at 7:30!

We headed to the farm at 1:00pm and we had catches until 5:00 when I missed the wake-up pee when Daddy Man was holding him.      At home base where he has to wear a diaper inside on the carpet I missed all the belly wees, but we caught an after-long-nap pee and after-an-long-nurse pee.    He refused a potty break before bed and was dry for three hours, woke up to pee, and we went back to bed.  At 3AM he woke up and we caught that one too since I had to go myself anyway we used the toilet easily.

IB was fine and peed a lot because of the water drinking in this heatwave.   She pretty much ran herself ragged the whole day refusing to stop playing, helping in the farm packing house, or exploring until she was asleep on her feet.    She was so spent and whiny that after helping her have a potty break before bed, we skipped the bath and teeth brushing.     It wasn’t worth the effort!


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