Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 130

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 5:  We Have Mobility

Napping diaperless as close to mommy as possible.

7/2 Day 130 M:   Along night of misses and we missed the 7am pee because I decided to leave him sleeping so I could go to the bathroom alone.  By the time I returned he had woken and peed.   He looked lik he still neded to go and I took him to the toilet (just a few feet away down the hall) where he finished.  No worries about dehydration!   MM is nursing less and sleeping more during the day and staying latched all night nursing.   My supply is noticeably more abundant and IB is nursing in AM and evening too.      I managed to catch the cluster pees until 10:00am and then missed as I was putting on my clean clothes!      G-ma’s cousin is coming to visit today so we will stay at home base.

It’s hot out, but not yet unbearable.   We stayed out in the shade most of the day and MM got to be in a t-shirt and diaperless while his sister splashed in the pool and got rides on the old 1964 Wheelhorse lawn mower.    I got to get in an afternoon nap with MM while she was occupied.   It was really easy to let MM wet down the shady tree beside us.  Daddy Man steamed soaked, in-husk corn and hamburgers on the world’s smallest Weber and world’s slowest heating charcoal!  The coals got as hot as he liked 3 hours after we were done eating!

IB asks to be helped with potty when she needs.  She’s even tolerant of G-ma who reminds her too often!    It was harder to catch MM pees inside the house and I predict another long, hot night of constant pee from mega-nursing.


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