Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 131

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Going cartin’

7/3 Day 131 T:   As I predicted it was another long, hot night of mega pee and marathon nursing.   I haz a big tired.     I did some regular laundry because I am down to my last pair of pants and a modest load of diapers.    I got one morning catch, several misses, then a catch in the toilet before we left for the farm at noon.    It’s a scorcher!    MM and I kept going back in the house to cool off a lot while IB helped in the packing house with Daddy Man or was off playing with her beloved oldest girl cousin age 10.     MM slept a lot so peed less often which made catching in the toilet easy and we used the same diaper prefold until 8pm!  He was even dry the whole hour trip to the city a both he and his sister napped.   IB needed a good nap as she had a gigantic Tasmanian floor kicking tantrum just before we left the farm (it is a very small, at the end of it’s life, vegetable farm.  Zucchini, squash, cabbage, beans, peppers, tomatoes and corn were coming in) that lasted a good 30 minutes.   Just we four were in the main house at the time and all the kids were gone and IB was upset and didn’t want to be inside or leave, but Daddy Man and I were hot.  Daddy Man tried to console but she was mad he brought her inside in the first place. I got her to let me pick her up at the tail end of it, told her to dry her face, took her to pee, and let her nurse her crying hiccups away.  We talked about what words to use instead of banshee calls!  She made up with Daddy and was fine the rest of the day.

Listening to music with Daddy Man

We picked up a pizza and went to visit Daddy Man’s Dad and Step Mom.   We caught two pees while IB played with her last two cousins (age 5 girl and age 3 boy) and got rides on the golf cart.   Daddy was holding MM and he fell asleep on the crazy bumpy ride while I sat in the back with IB.  Later, Most Beloved Cousin arrived and showed off amazing hula hoop skills to the delight of an admiring IB.   MM didn’t nurse as much due to the heat.   Long night here we come!

I can’t remember what time we got back to Home Base but we had a catch on arrival and some misses because MM spends more time with GMa and Great Uncle.   That pizza came back to haunt me in a most unpleasant way.  Moan.


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