Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 132

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Captured moment

7/4 Day 132 T:  Happy American and Cape Verdean Independance Day!   Can it get any hotter?   Dang I think it could melt the sun out here!    We stayed at Home Base and IB played in the pool, ran around the yard, got rides on the Wheelhorse mower and just generally getting lots of attention.     I am a ball of misery.  Tired, roasting alive and sneezing from something in the house that is making my nose run constantly.   I finally managed to finish that laundry I started yesterday!

We started the day with a pancake breakfast at the firehouse down the street (we are going to miss this little house and its location when GMa and Uncle sells it now that both  parents have passed) MM enjoyed lots of splashing in the pool, but my arms and back weren’t enjoying it nearly as much!   At his age IB DESPISED water immersion.     This boy just wants to be in on whatever his sister is doing!    We really noticed yesterday how much his coordination has developed this week.   Now when he reaches for something that he has his eye on, he can actually grab it successfully 95 percent of the time instead of it being a random flailing hit or miss.      He is also getting onto his knees more with concentrated effort while his wiggling movements get him to where he wants to go.   He’s even managed to get a hold of his sister’s sparkle shoes when left on the living room floor and he was on the picnic mat and carpet.  He’s learned that he can dig his toes in the carpet and launch himself forward with a heave ho!   Have I mentioned how much easier it is now to potty him now that his Wee Willie Winkie is larger?   I can aim him as easily now as his sister at this age just by shifting his body more forward to aim down.  On a hot day, it is also wise to — uh — unstick the boy bits from themselves for their comfort as well as EC purposes!

1964 Wheelhorse Mower. Vroom!

Anyway, I caught the afternoon poop!  MM had the rankest baby gas and I put him on the potty bowl and he went right away.   He was nude all day long until evening so we had lots of tree pees outside.   He did pee on G-Ma once but the rest were sent out into nature or in the toilet.

I lay with MM for a nap this afternoon while Daddy Man and his mom went for a produce run t the farm.  I was in the beginning throes of a much needed deep drool inducing nap when IB pounces me awake.   I was so ANGRY!    Everyday she gets more tired from the constant activity and melting temperatures and she is a wild child.   I handed off the awake MM to Daddy Man and walked off my crank before I decided to nurse IB (who was delighted to do so) so she could calm down enough to nap even in the heat.    I never did get my nap but IB did fall asleep and I got to eat “just picked that morning corn”, fresh cantaloupe, drippy watermelon, and fresh thrown-together iced tea in relative peace!

Happy 4th from the little firecrackers.After IB woke up looking quite like the old girl she used to  be, we went to watch the fireworks at the town high school where MM produces a second small stealth poo!   Gah.    IB got to have a snow cone (fifty cent snow cone here is like 4 bucks back home!) and run off some energy at the playground.    She was not much interested in the fireworks at first, but MM was instantly spellbound!     Back at the Homebase I and the kids went right to bed.   IB had a bath first by G-Ma and then tossed and turned all night long just unable to get comfortable.  MM nursed all night long too and the bed is wrecking my back.  I miss my memory foam bed!

I haz a bigger tired than ever!  My consolation is that Daddy Man, while in the coolest area in the house, is sleeping on the floor so isn’t particularly comfortable.   Let me have this one, people.

Daddy Man went back out to go play poker at the lack with his dad and in-laws.   If IB hadn’t been so wired and exhausted and I wasn’t so beat myself we were planning on setting up the tent and sleeping out there like we did last year.  I just can’t deal with a tent just now.


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