Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 133

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Napping with momma

7/5 Day 133 W:   YAWN!     Daddy Man’s uncle put up a box fan in the hallway to blow the cool air from the reset of the house into the back bedroom.   It isn’t perfect, but it is much cooler than it was.   I awoke a couple of times to a dry baby trying to get my attention for a big pee break, but I kept passing back out only to be awoken again by a thoroughly soaked and miffed baby!   Of course, then I’d change him and MM would pee immediately again because his bladder wasn’t fully empty.  Apparently, he felt like he was so wet that he didn’t want to release all of it.   I caught a huge wake up for day pee at 7:45A and then missed the next cluster pees.  At 9:15 MM was tired and hungry so nursed and had a nap, woke a little bit later and had a big pee.    My mammaries are crazy full from all the extra production demands.  I am also constantly hungry and looking for food to consume.

We spent the day at Daddy Man’s Dad’s again and arrived at around 1:00 or so.    MM slept most of the time and I even got in a nap with him while they took IB for a long ride on the golf cart.   IB played by herself with the toys until a couple of her cousins came by for a short time.  I had all catches for MM except for once when we just arrived.


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