Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 134

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Cool pool

7/6 Day 134 F:  The heat wave continues.  I think we’ve gotten to the 100s a time or two.   Sleeping restful is impossible.   IB wakes up several time whining and still half asleep.  Daddy Man popped his head in to help, but there is nothing to do but wait as when she is like that she’s not all there and is easily escalated if touched at the wrong time.   She’s hot but wants to be up my behind.   Last night she wound up with her head at the foot of the bed with her rear end in the air.   It gave us more room actually!   MM nursed and peed like crazy all night long.    I tried to pee him in bed like at home, but its much different on a wonky bed and no sidecar access to supplies and space.   One pee I missed was on the way to a mutual bathroom visit.  He couldn’t hold it and peed and then I forgot to have him finish after I went myself and he peed on me (I’d taken off the wet flat).    I had to change my nightwear.

I was zombied in the morning.   Thank the stars for coffee! I put MM on the potty bowl to poo, but IB kept getting in his face so despite the lack of poo production, I decided to re-diaper and put him on the floor mat to play in the living room while I got breakfast for me and IB:  Oatmeal with fresh peaches.   By the time I finished MM was on his belly playing with G-ma with poop up his back!  She hadn’t noticed it.    Egads!  Thank goodness this doesn’t happen every day and poops mostly get put into a toilet or bowl.    Even a poop with unfettered butt on the floor if you are right there prepared is miles better than cleaning a blowout!

We stayed at Homebase during the day letting IB play out in the pool and MM getting in on it too.  We had a long series of pee misses after that blow out but got back on track out side.  Then went to the pond in the early evening to socialize.    IB played with cousins and Daddy Man stayed with me socializing with people who I remember but whose names I forget constantly because I only see them once a year!   Itty Bitty ate a ridiculous amount of fresh blackberries, had a few rows with a young cousin over a tricycle, and just had a good time with the kids.   Daddy Man took us back to Home Base around 10:30 and then went back to play poker with his family there.


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