Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 135

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 5:  We Have Mobility

Snoozing in bed on the wee pad

7/7 Day 135 S:  I didn’t sleep much last night, surprise surprise!   MM and IB were tag teaming me even though we went to bed at 9pm which is early for us!  IB hogged the entire bed in her efforts to be cool and comfortable and ended up starfishing in the center divet.    I made a nest on the floor with MM who ended up asleep in the coolest spot in the room!   He was cool and snoring softly!   Around 11:30 I was unable to sleep and was bored playing on my kindle (a regular e-reader one) so I got up and finished laundry and packing.   MM woke up at 12:30 crying for a pee break, he peed instantly in the toilet, and went back to sleep without nursing.   Wow!   I decided to join him and tossed and turned waking every 45 minutes to the sound of sleeping babies.    IB woke up for water sometime later and though she doesn’t usually pee in the middle of the night, I took her to the bathroom.  She asked for more water when I put her back in bed and by the time I got back two minutes later she was asleep again!    At that time, MM woke for a pee and a nurse.   Around 4AM I made my way back to the bed and even transferred a sleeping MM without waking him!   We were all sleeping width-wise upon it.  My legs were hanging off but I managed to sleep semi- comfortable since there was more room that way and I wasn’t falling into the sink hole.     MM woke up around 5:30am had two gigantic pees on the potty bowl then went back to sleep.    We got up at 8am and MM peed four times in an hour (all misses) while I finished packing!  I am usually not a big coffee drinker, but it has kept me going this week for sure!  Uncle even began makung fresh the other day so I didn’t have to do instant (the instant they had was very good though and the directions were all in French!)

We got on the road at 9:30am after Daddy Man packed the car.  At 11AM we made our scheduled breakfast stop at our usual Bob Evans and MM and IB both had nice pees and MM a nice proto-poo on the loo.    We had successful catches (IB doesn’t need to go at every stop) at our scheduled rest stops until we got to our hotel Hampton Inn around 5:00.     Once there MM peed 8 times in a row!   My wet bag was full to bursting.    He was also nursing constantly once we were settled and cooled off.  Even when Daddy Man took IB swimming the the pool and during our in-room dinner he was latched on me.     Of course, that is going to make for big pees tonight!


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