Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 136

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 5:  We Have Mobility

EC in a hotel? Sure! Why not?

7/8 Day 136 Su:   King size bed.  One Dad, one mom, one toddler.  Daddy head at foot of bed.  Toddler in between with head in daddy orientation and feet on mommy’s butt.   Wish I had a picture!

Holy shooting spigot Batman!   Every time MM woke me up last night he was wet AND let out a shooting pee as soon as I took off the sopping flat.  Luckily I lined the bed with towels and wee pad.    We went down for the much coveted waffle breakfast!  I ate a boatload, G-Ma ate hardly anything, IB wanted a bagel and samples of my food.  MM was fascinated with activity.

Vacation goers…if you are the “primary packer, unpacker, and keeper of things” do not let the “not-packer” touch anything unless you have taken inventory and know which car it is going in lest your pail, potty, and detergent ends up in the wrong car and your organization thwarted when items don’t get put back where you packed them.   It makes for frustrating unpacking!

We nursed anywhere.  That's my favorite nursing shirt!Left hotel 10:30, both IB and MM had bathroom stops first.

Rest stop at 12:30  MM slightly damp peed (outdoors — don’t worry, dogs were peeing all over.  We used a low traffic spot)  (IB peed with Daddy in family restroom)

Rest stop at 3:00 MM slightly damp.  Big pee and poop in Wendy’s bathroom). (IB declined a pee break)

Rest stop at 5:00 MM slightly damp.  Moderate pee (outdoors).  (IB declined a potty break)

Unexpected stop at a small gas station 5:45 due to whining and fussing (poop in prefold) but pee in bush in a no traffic zone.  IB had a big pee break.

6:20 Arrived home 30 minutes later than expected due to traffic jam.  MM had enough in the slow moving vehicle and let his distress known very loudly.   We had no recourse but to push on and he wailed.    On arrival  he was very distressed and wet but peed on the toilet and had several cluster pee misses thereafter

IB was taken by Daddy Man out to play in sandbox.  I unpacked only essentials.  I took off MM’s diaper and let him fly free in the cool house.   We ordered dinner, DH paid bills, and we tried to relax.


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