Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 137

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 5:  We Have Mobility


7/9 Day 137 M:     Guess who got to sleep in?   Not me!     Kids were up at 7:30 and Daddy Man took the day off and snored all morning.   He did all the driving and helping with my car so he is off the hook though.    Itty Bitty has a boatload of energy, Mini Moose wants to nurse, and I’ve got to unpack, put away, deal with my car, and clean the cat fur dust balls everywhere!   The ass spot on my side of the couch is carpeted in fur.   I am not sure if that displays true love or territoriality.

Let us have a moment of silence for Itty’ Bitty’s first finger toothbrush that made it all the way to our last hotel.   It will be missed.

I didn’t catch any pee last night though I changed Moose right away after he woke me up each time.   Itty Bitty slept hard and soundly but was a big bal of “GOODMORNINGMOMMYOPENYOUEYESHIYOUAWAKEYOUHAPPY?”     I caught a morning pee and the caught after every two misses.   I left Moose flying free and he was very excited, but he can’t control the belly wees yet.     He had a couple of belly fart poops–very unexpected so I put a prefold under him just in case and my precaution was rewarded.    Way easy to clean!   Really.    I’ll take it over cleaning poop off his neck any day!    It is nice  to be back home in our nest and to be more free about indoor diaperless EC.    Even though I brought my picnic blanket to cover the living room carpet there was unspoken worry from G-Ma even though she is amazed at EC and is the most relaxed non ECer  from experience with EC with Itty Bitty.   I didn’t quit,obviously, just adapted for the short term.

It was a long morning and afternoon.   Tell me how a bathroom can get dirty when no one uses it for a week!?

After we dropped my car off for repair (the metal strap holding the plastic gas tank in place was half off and dragging), we went outside so Itty Bitty could play in the sandbox, and run through the sprinkler (she is wary still but no longer squealing afraid).   Mini Moose got to be naked and he enjoyed wiggling his toes in sand and having cold water splash on him.   Daddy Man grilled and we enjoyed layzing the evening away.


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