Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 140

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They aren’t fighting, it’s just a lucky shot. Itty Bitty is holding him and he wants to grab her hair.

7/12 Day 140 R (20 Weeks) :   Moose is now 15lbs 25″ and technically 5 months old today but I’m going to wait until the 22nd to begin “in month 6” and not go by weeks anymore.

So yesterday I forgot to refer to my most important mantra:    when Itty Bitty acts bazonko give more hugs.     Well the mantra isn’t those exact words, but it is something that has prevented jealousy, acting out,  and sibling rivalry.    When I want to have space I need to engage MORE not less.   Today, even though I am still a bit out of sorts we started the day on a better note even though the noise outside makes me consider throwing some objects at construction personnel.    I talked to Itty Bitty a lot more than I did yesterday and gave voice to the baby — things I normally do but didn’t do yesterday or much the day before.     We  had a short nursing session, shared breakfast side by side…Itty Bitty was plastered against my thigh.   She asked to hold the baby and I helped.   She watched me potty him successfully twice and clean up two misses.    As Mini Moose played on the floor she brought him way too many toys, made him laugh,and covered him lovingly with “blankets” (light scarves).  She kept trying to put his toys in his mouth like she does with her dolls, so I had to firmly tell her to let him grab it and never put things in is mouth.   I did raise my voice the upteenth time.

We even went outside and I peed Mini Moose in a potty bowl or on a tree while she made me a sand cake with stick candles.   When he fell asleep she wanted me to play in the sandbox, but I was trapped in my beach chair.  She was disappointed but then amused herself happily with things in the yard.

Back inside I caught half a poop — one part on a prefold on my lap and the rest on the potty bowl.    Itty Bitty decided to play in the toy corner and got herself stuck.   As she tried to extricate herself and was almost out, her bladder let go.  I heard the waterfall and she was standing there like a deer in headlights.     It got cleaned up easily and I made a mental note to remind her occasionally to assess bathroom needs–only after it has been a couple of hours.    She’d gone to the bathroom successfully several times today and even had a big poop, so it was just a situational accident.   I then made the error of playing this video “The Gummy Bear Song” and it will now be played thousands of times in my brain.    She loved it though and so did Mini Moose who was fascinated with the music and his sister.   With Mini Moose I had 50:50 catches and misses.

Unfortunately, they both fell asleep 15 minutes before  had to leave for work.  Bad bad juju.   This is an adjustment week — back from vacation and back to work.   No matter what I did, they both konked out.   I packed them in the car and went to work and to do the handoff with Daddy Man.  It seemed to go off without a hitch.

I came home to a too quiet house.   Turns out that Itty Bitty went back to attention seeking behavior.  Had a tantrum when they got home because she wanted to stay outside but the baby was wanting to eat and was hot.  Daddy Man let her stay in the jeep for 15 minutes to try to diffuse the situation but the baby was too hot and was really wanting mommy milk.    He said it spiraled from there because he couldn’t give her attention.     G-Ma stopped by and not even that changed things because Itty Bitty wanted Daddy Man.    I guess, now that the Mommy situation was corrected she was seeking to fix the Daddy situation.   After G-Ma left and Mini Moose was on his second bottle and was just about asleep Itty Bitty apparently had had enough.     I am told she stood by him on the couch, lifted her leg, and peed.

She’s done that once before with him (“War and Pees” from Cause and Effect Month 21).

He cleaned it up calmly and ignored the behavior (he held it together — he wanted to spank but knows that’s a big no no with me–that’s a big loss of control and he’s a strong dude who can hurt you when he’s just playing around even when he’s being careful ).   Daddy Man put some water in the tub and left her to it.   She cleaned herself up and that was that.  She was mellowed after, he said.    Perhaps she felt mortified with herself or realized it was an impulse move that had the opposite effect of what she really wanted.    Too bad toddlers don’t come with sim thought bubbles.

I think I will tell Daddy Man to let her help with Mini Moose more with him when I am at work (she does help with the bottle). I think he forgets that if guided she is willing to help with just about anything and it keeps her focused and engaged until she’s had her fill and then she goes off to discover things on her own.     I think our family visits with so much activity and sleeplessness has thrown us off our game.

The rest of the evening went surprisingly well.  Daddy Man soothed his irritation with a lemon slushie I brought home.  Itty Bitty looked contrite and sat near Daddy Man all evening while I had Mini Moose.   We had high catch rate too!      Mini Moose fell asleep beside me not attached to booba.  Wow!    This meant I could leave Daddy Man to watch him while I gave Itty Bitty a bath and wash sandbox sand out of her hair.  She, of course, acted like I was trying to do her bodily harm by washing her head.   Such carrying on!       She asked for mahmees (nursing).  I brushed her teeth and then let her nurse after we talked about what words to use when she needed us.  “I need you Mommy/Daddy,”  seems a good start.   She nursed then went to her side of the bed, curled up, asked for a cuddle, then went to sleep.     A short 15 minutes later, Daddy Man brought up Mini Moose who fell asleep immediately after  5 minute power nurse.

At midnight I was out too ( I got home from work at 10:00pm).


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