Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 142

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 5:  We Have Mobility

A quick pottytunity is no problem! No accessories required.

7/14 Day 142 S:    Caught two big wees this morning and then it was a hit or miss before we left the house around 11:30am.  I had to pack and decided to go light.   One carry on bag for the prefold stash, carry on bag for one change of clothes for each of us, plus my daily bag where I store my keys, camera, diaper cover, and other small bits like crayons for Itty Bitty.    However, I forgot to pack an extra pair of pants for myself and my Mei Tai!     I’ve never felt more naked than without my baby carrier.    I realized I hadn’t brought it about 3/4 of the way to our destination.  Flapjacks!

We arrived around 2pm and both kids were asleep the whole way.   Mini Moose was dry so I took him to pee right away and we all spent the afternoon out side with Grams and Gramps (my parents).   Mini Moose got to pee outside twice (they only have one bathroom and it is on the second floor!) and Itty Bitty had Grams take her to potty when  couldn’t.  She needs help because the toilet is so high and there are a lot of distracting breakables along the way!      Daddy Man and I took the kids to his friend’s 40th birthday party.   At first I took out the sleeping Mini Moose and carried him inside lamenting the lack of my Mei Tai, and then remembered that Daddy Man has one of those baby bucket car seats.   He didn’t remember either (he likes them I hate them – I find them heavy, and unwieldly).   I took Mini Moose back outside and put him in the bucket while Daddy Man attended to Itty Bitty and brought him back inside where he snoozed through a lot of cacophony.   Upon awaking he had a successful potty which included a surprise poop and Itty Bitty had a nice pee and then later sought out Daddy Man to take her for a number 2!     We stayed for Happy Birthday and didn’t stay for cake; we had a nice time though and I got to talk to friends of Daddy Man who up until now have been Christmas Card Names!  We actually didn’t have a miss with Mini Moose until around 11:00pm back at Grams and Gramps .  Considering that he’d been passed around to two grandparents, two uncles, an aunt, and four strangers and in two new settings that is super major!       We’ve been having very nice toilet pees — hold in position, pee, done.  Only one in a while do I have to wait a bit for him to relax if he’s being distracted — such as Itty Bitty goo gooing in his face.

Itty Bitty needed time to settle so we went to bed first (it is really hot!) and Mini Moose was brought to me later.


2 thoughts on “Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 142

    • Absolutely. We have the most misses when I put him down on the floor, hands down! I miss poops that way too. I think he figures, it’s a safe place to go since it’s not on The Mommy. I get it. That bare tush makes it so worth it 🙂 hahaha.

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