Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 143

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Mantra: A diaper is a tool not a toilet.

7/15 Day 143 Su:   Oh my aching back!   Concrete-like Pillows (sure look nice for display purposes but are awful for the head and neck), beds so high off the floor it is nearly nosebleed inducing, and it was hot.  I maybe got 3 hours of sleep, Itty Bitty slept but was restless until it cooled off and had one of those whiny inconsolable episodes.     Once I would get her settled Moose would wake up hungry or wet.     Once it cooled off they both settled down into deep sleeps, but by then I was so tired I was wide awake!   Such is my fate.

Upon Mini Moose waking for the day at his favorite 7:00AM time, he was really really fussy and I didn’t think I’d make it to the bathroom…but I forgot his potty bowl AND the baby bjorn!    Egads!    So to at least keep the poop off his bottom (the time in Ohio when I missed that day his little butt got chapped very fast and it is back now to being pristine) I held him over a prefold on my lap.   I cued him to pee, he happily did so on the prefold and out came the poop which landed on my pants!    The prefold shifted as I was balancing precariously on the edge of the trapeze of beds.       Oh well.  At least it was not on his butt, I didn’t have to scrape it off his boy bits, and my pants were soaked in sweat from the night anyway.   Meh, I just threw it in the wet bag.

Daddy Man slept late until 9:30AM, Itty Bitty helped gramps water the flowers, we had a light breakfast, hung out, and then went to visit great-g-ma in the hot as an oven house (whew!), then visited Cousin in her house of air conditioned Nirvana, dropped off a sleeping Moose at Grams and Gramps so we could go for a 30 minute trip to the nearby fair for fried dough, Del’s lemonade, and a half order of fried Oreos.     Itty Bitty got her first Del’s all to herself for treat and the non sugared edges of some fried dough.   We had catches all day long including another poop in the toilet and didn’t have to use a new prefold until 3pm, but it wasn’t a miss — I was going to catch it and almost had the diaper off and he couldn’t hold back.    I’m counting it as a catch!    So there!    And we didn’t have to use another until we got home (our home) at around 6pm and then it was a whole cluster of misses including a stealth poo.

Itty Bitty was wore out (from running and laughing) and stayed asleep in the car to house transfer and so did Moose (tired from showing off his floor pivoting skills and practicing rolling from belly to back with control not head blops).  No rest for the mommy though! Unpack, organize laundry, pick up flotsam.   Daddy Man mowed the grass.   We hung out watching TV for a bit then Daddy Man took Itty Bitty to work on a project and I went to bed around 10:00pm.


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