Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 144

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Ready to work!

7/16 Day 144 M:     I woke up last night to a snoozing Itty Bitty next to me.  I”m surprised she didn’t wake me up when she came to bed (or rather when Daddy Man brought her to bed).    It was a change out night as usual until just before  our 7:30 construction wake up call.   As I was laying there grumbling, the noise suddenly stopped and we all fell back to sleep.  Score!

We had an awesome morning of catches in the toilet with only one miss which was a poop after I put him down on the floor while I brought down a load of diaper laundry.    It is a hot one today, but Itty Bitty wanted to go outside.   I set up the sun tent and hose in the front so we could go in and out quickly (it really sucks not having a rear door to the backyard).   We were out maybe half an hour and then she wanted back inside.    I set her up with her rock box and a bowl of water in the living room.    She wanted to nurse a lot today and so did Moose, I still have to limit her sessions and it goes well though I have to be careful if she is nursing and planning to nap.  It takes timing to call it done or else she gets upset.       I’d planned on hacking the rhododendrons eating the house and even had Moose hatted and slung on my back, but it just stayed to hot and I was sweating non stop outside even sitting still.

I took it easy.  I cleaned the bathroom, did a quick sweep, folded old laundry, froze bananas on chopsticks at Itty Bitty’s request, did dish detail, made a quick pickle with a farm fresh cucumber with Itty Bitty’s help, nursed Moose while I got caught up with blog photos on all the draft entries I had accumulating, and just did spaghetti for supper.  Nothing fancy.     We had great catch rate until 9 pm or so.   Eve Daddy Man caught a little one!


3 thoughts on “Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 144

  1. My little girl is 9 weeks old and this past weekend was my 1st time trying EC with her. She screamed murder, stiffened up and cried when I held her over the bowl (I had it on the bed). She didn’t poop for 3 days and then had a blowout bad enough to require a bath. She was sitting right next to me when she did it, too, and I had no idea. I’m also clueless on her pees. I had her naked on a waterproof pad and was shocked she hadn’t peed in awhile…until I felt the pad and it was soaked. Again, I was sitting right next to her. She’s an elimination ninja. Your thoughts? I’m ready to start, but how?

    • Hi Shana!
      I find that my son doesn’t signal obviously when he’s not being held, He gets really still or exceptionally quiet before a pee and especially before a poop when on the floor or in the chair, and he also is less likely to “hold it”. So when on the floor it is hit or miss even if I’m looking right at him! Even got my foot peed on once! If he’s nursing he’ll squish my nipple with his gums and yank repeatedly (popping on and off), If in bed he kicks my belly while nursing, in my wrap he wiggles trying to “get away”. It takes time to notice that a seemingly random fuss is actually a signal. I am also guaranteed a pee after a nap, after a car ride, and first thing in the morning so we’ve formed a “potty by ritual”. Start with the after waking pee, it is the easiest to master.

  2. Hi Shana, I want to add, don’t worry about missing lots of pees, especially ones where she’s just laying there. It really isn’t a big deal. Just try holding her up when you think she “might” have to go, like “E” said, after meals, after waking up are good times. If you leave her diaper free for a couple days then her feeling the wetness might motivate her to signal a little more clearly. Also, holding her on your lap can work wonders. She might fuss, or try to get away from you when she has to go. You can just keep a waterproof pad on your lap with a orefold (or any absorbant cloth) if you don’t want to get peed on. But I find that my daughter fusses to go pee when I’m holding her even if she has a diaper on! Good luck

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