Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 145

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7/17 Day 145 T:    Last night Mini Moose rolled over on his belly, sucked and drooled on a finger, then fell asleep off breast.    My heart broke a little.   I know that’s silly, but I can’t help it.   I was happy he woke me up out of sleep fog later demanding to be soothed by the Orbs of Delight.    Anyway, we didn’t get a catch until just before we got up and that was two in a row.   I had a soiled prefold stuffed in the bjorn and I just let him pee on that.   The second one I mis-aimed and got a little on the top sheet.  Just a few drops but still, I’ve got to watch that little hose.       We actually slept in until 9AM.  Yay!

The day was pretty normal.   We tried to go outside but it was too hot and muggy.  I got the after nap pees and “after long in arms carry” pees and after “especially long nurse pees” and missed all of the floor pees except for one.     I also missed the poop.  I wasn’t expecting poop two days in a row!     The belly pees can’t be helped until his sphincter gets as strong as his crazy acrobatics.  Really, ever since he’s been on carpet he’s been digging his toes into the hard wood floor and launching himself into crazy yoga poses.  Downward dog.   I swear I will try to catch it on film!

Itty Bitty has had no further potty incidences, but I also have been giving a gentle nudge if she’s not had a potty visit in a long while, but that is maybe once a day when my Potty Sense starts to tingle.    Mini Moose fell asleep 15 minutes before I left to do the Baby Handoff  for work at 5:00pm and he was so mad I woke him up (I tried not to but it’s hard not to wake up a baby when you clip them into a car seat)!   Itty Bitty didn’t have a nap so I got her a muffin to keep her happy and Moose fell back to sleep in the car seat.   We made the exchange quite easily.

I come home to an empty house at 10pm.

Crumbs on the floor…not unusual.  I was worried at first but took twenty minutes to tell myself not to be silly.  There was no need to think the worst.  Daddy Man probably just took them for a drive hoping they’d fall asleep.

I will let Daddy Man tell this one:

I think Itty Bitty shaved a few years off my life…. While giving the baby a bottle she wanted to start bouncing on the couch. After asking her to stop a few times I told her I’d stop Little Einsteins since she not watching it. At this point, she decided to get one last good jump in, throwing herself to sit down.   With the baby in my arms I watched as she bounced off the couch, caught air, grazed the TV tray, and landed head first on the floor.

Thought one — “This is why I’m asking you to stop jumping…”
Thought two — “That looks like it would really have hurt.”
Thought three — “Get some ice and look at the eye she’s saying hurts.”
Thougth four — “OMG that’s a huge egg on her forehead!”
Thought five (as she’s saying she wants to lay down and go to sleep) — “It’s time for the ER.”

So far after 4 hours at the ER things look OK I think.  We dodged a bullet but that egg’s going to hurt for awhile.

Mommy Says:
She didn’t get that daredevil gene from me…

I will post a picture in the morning and add it to the next entry.     We spent the rest of the evening tsking and worrying while Itty Bitty acted like nothing had happened except for saying, “I apologize.”         I didn’t catch but one good pee after all this because Daddy Man forgot to bring a bottle of milk (he refused an offer of formula and I’m glad for it) and I was bursting out of my bra so I was happy for a hungry baby.   Daddy Man said he had been very tolerant and didn’t start to get peeved until the last hour of their adventure.


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