Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 146

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Hello, My name is Destructo Girl and I discovered that flying is not among my talents.

7/18 Day 146 W:    This morning the first thing I observed was Itty Bitty’s face and though the bruise is darker it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.  Check out the photo of Ms. Egghead — the swelling was much more prominent last night.  It looked like she was smuggling a ping pong ball in her forehead or about to sprout a horn.       Mini Moose was a bit wakeful last night having to pee a ton and nursing like it was going out of style.     Some people must wonder why I don’t “do something and teach the baby to self soothe,” but I don’t think that in the absence of a medical problem that children need to be taught to sleep.    I try to do what I think my mitochondrial mother did.  I follow my instincts.  Though I live in the modern world and that sometime needs a bit of tweaking, I always remember that my baby thinks it is primitive times and is adapted to that life–babies are all instinct.  They have the luxury of not knowing what all this other “static-y stuff” (how they are supposed to be) is all about.    This Wait It Out method is beautifully stated here.

Ordinary routine today.   A big night of “just missed” change out, but a great big success of catches before we got up,a couple floor misses, and a big toilet pee before we left at 11AM for a play date.   I stopped to pick up lunch, managed to get there by memory (this feat is amazing…even though it is only 8 minutes away, I navigate about as well as a blindfolded bat wearing earplugs), and we had a pottytunity when we got there (including Itty Bitty) and another after a long nurse induced nap.    New Friend doesn’t know that she is really helping me get over being self-conscious about ECing n other homes.    Itty Bitty played with the toddler girl, Moose and the 3 month old baby boy smiled at each other, and we Mommy’s got to chit chat.   We spent part of the afternoon at the pond where Itty Bitty showed off her total lack of fear in the water and I realized I spent much of my brainpower working out how to leap up, safely toss Mini Moose on the “beach”, and grab Itty Bitty ifshe got herself in trouble.   It was shallow to a point but she was eyeing the older, taller boys farther out and I could see the thought bubble!    I kept nagging her to not go too far from me where I was sitting with Mini Moose in the water as he splashed and observed in his already too tight rashguard.     Daddy Man is part Dolphin and I am part rock…so you can see why I was anxious.   I need swimming lessons when money affords the luxury.

It began to thunder so we headed back and I realized I forgot a change of clothes!   Head smack!   Oh well.  Itty Bitty borrowed a dress and the two girls looked so alike it was freaky.  I had a catch when we got back, then a series of misses.  A few belly pees and an after nap pee because I wasn’t in proximity when he awoke.   Usually I am in the room or he is in my arms, but we were playing hide and seek with the kids.

I inspired New Friend to try EC again since she fell into the “but I keep missing” trap instead of focusing on communication, and I was jolted into realizing that I have totally forgotten how to play (like a kid…you know what I mean?)!

Anyway, when we got home the catch rate was about a 60:40 and I did miss an out-of-the-blue poop.  I had a prefold on my lap and was talking to Daddy Man when Mini Moose tensed and let our a very forceful farty-poop.  I “eeked” and ran to the bathroom and he finished on the toilet.   I was in shorts so I had poop leg and a little bit got on the couch, easily cleaned up no stain (can’t even tell it was there — except now the couch has a clean spot.  Hah!).


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