Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 147

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Downward Dog

7/19 Day 147 Th (21 weeks):   Yadda Yadda same old same old last night.  The exciting stuff happened after we were up for the day.   It was a poop-a-thon.     The first one was after his morning toilet wee and I put him down on his play mat bare bum as is our daily routine and he was on his back.  It was sometime around 11:30am when I heard the poo-fart go “squidge” and I was startled and squeaked, “Eeeek!   Wait Wait!”     He looked right at me as I hurried to scoop him up and dash to the bathroom and he had a Bombadier Beetle like expulsion in the toilet and a healthy pee afterwards.    Quite proud of myself and of my little butterball, I put him back on the mat to play.    Fifteen or twenty minutes later I heard the squidgy noise again.  “Aakk! Again!?  Wait!”   I sputtered urgently, scooped up the bare poop machine and held him over the toilet again where he had another healthy poop released with volcanic force, successive belly tenses, and a satisfied cooing noise.    He also peed a bit again.      About an hour later I put a prefold on him while I was out of the room to do laundry and he was  practicing his yoga poses (I got a picture this time to prove it)  and playing on the floor with Itty Bitty and I just had that “feeling”.     When I came back he’d had a small mucousy poop and was trying to squiggle away from himself.    He’s been swallowing a lot of his own drool lately from constantly having his fist shoved in his mouth.

One Leg Plank

The rest of the afternoon was a high catch rate and there wasn’t a lot of misses until just before  left for work and of course when he was with Daddy Man.   It wasn’t an interesting day.   Chores as usual, I played Words with Friends, and gave Itty Bitty some scrabble letters to play with.   Did laundry.    Nursed baby–lots.  Lunch, Dinner…bore bore bore.     I left for work around 5:00, as we were getting in the car I realized Itty Bitty hadn’t pottied in ages, so I sent her back in the house by herself and told her to potty.  She opened the door, went about her business, came back, and climbed in her carseat as I was loading the car.   You go girl!     I came home around 10PM and was informed that Moose had been inconsolable, drank too much milk, and got a belly ache.   They went for a walk and that seemed to help.    G-Ma had come over to take Itty Bitty to play and when she came back to drop her off, Moose fell asleep on her and Itty Bitty on Daddy Man.


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