Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 149

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7/21 Day 149 S:    Egads, I’m tired.    I gave up at 7:00AM, gave Mr. Wakey Wakey Smiley Goo Goo to Daddy Man after I peed him and said, “Take the baby.  He ate all night so shouldn’t be hungry for a while.  I’m going back to bed!”     I crawled back into bed with Itty Bitty, and Daddy Man was left dazed and sleep deprived in the spare room because he stayed up extra late to play with a project.    No pity from the Mamma!

It was only three hours but I fell into a deep sleep, woke myself up twice with drool, and when Itty Bitty woke me up for the day my right ear and arm was numb from sleeping without moving from that position for so long.  Ow!   The ear really hurts when blood rushes back to it!

It was a day of low hits because the baby only got peed with me, though Daddy Man did try a time or two.   Moose has been holding it longer and unless it is after a feed or nap it is hard for Daddy to get one.

I fed the baby while Daddy Man ran some errands and he fell asleep after a turbo nurse, much to Daddy Man’s consternation, “He didn’t sleep at all after you gave him to me!”     Mommy thought:  Awww, too bad, so sad…hahaha.       I gave him back to daddy for an hour while I went outside and hacked at the rhododendrons eating our bay window.   It was so big it was blocking out the sun!     I didn’t get a chance to trim them for two seasons and it gets really ugly really fast!    Healthy happy bushes are now hacked back  quite severely.   They’ll survive and now we have light!     I’m all scratched up and have a rash, but I got the biggest one done in an hour.  We did the baby exchange so I could feed the Moose and spend a little time with Itty Bitty.     Daddy Man made an exclamation of, “Holy crap…” when he saw that the bush was now below the window and shown no mercy.    He picked up the trimmed carnage for me.     “Why did you have to start this project today?”   says he.   “Because its the first weekend not a heat wave, they are starting to lay down next years flowers so I can’t wait, and you are home.”  says I.       It had to be done.

I gave him back the fed and peed baby (I’d had a miss too)  while he came in to cool off and rest from doing his outdoor chores and I tackled the smaller, and easier Rhododendron.     I then decided it was easy enough to wear Moose on my back while I finished so he napped while Itty Bitty and I picked up all of the trimmings and put them in her wagon (Daddy Man’s Idea) and hauled it to the mulch pile.      Daddy Man busied himself with getting the hammock and uncovering furniture and cleaning the grill.     A mouse had destroyed our hammock (boo!) but Daddy Man took us to buy a better replacement for the frame we already had (Yay!) and we decided to eat out (Woo Hoo No Dishes!) and when I took Itty Bitty to potty as requested by her I forgot about the Mini Moose and missed (Darn!).

The kids and I went to bed early.    Pees in the evening were hits and misses.

I’d say the misses won out today!


One thought on “Month 5: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – Day 149

  1. Sounds like you are BUSY BUSY BUSY! I totally identify with the lack of sleep. I had a few marathon nursing nights last week, too, and on Saturday I did exactly the same as you – handed the baby to Daddy and said “i’m taking a three hour nap!”. It does wonders….

    Right now is the perfect time to trim the bushes – according to my gardening book, if you trim them in the winter or spring, they will get much bigger since all of thier energy is stored in the roots. But trimming them at the mid or end of summer will make them come back smaller, since they are storing a lot of energy in the leaves, which you cut off. So hopefully they will be more managable in the Fall and next year!

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