Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 150

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

7/22 Day 150 Su:    Now that it is the 22nd of the month, I am going to switch the month to “in month 6”.   Mini Moose is 5 months and 1 week old right now so we are moving towards that age.      This will match Itty Bitt’s blog because I only published her blog on the date she turned that age so all of the entries for month 6 for her happened before that date.  I hope that makes sense!    Mini Moose’s blog is daily so it can be confusing, but I’m trying to be consistent with what I did before.

Anyway, not that you are thoroughly confused let’s get on with the potty parley.

Woke up early again after a pee-nursathon and left Itty Bitty sleeping.    I decided to nurse Mini Moose after we got up, pee him (and he surprised me with a poop in the toilet!) and slung him on my back with my Mei Tai.   I spent the morning until Itty Bitty got up dusting with a rag and one of those static floofy dusters.  Achoo! Achoo!  Achoo!          I cleaned the bathroom again because somehow it gets filthy incredibly fast (whiskers, frust on the floor, and ring in the bowl), swept the floor again (cat fur), organized toys, gathered together random flotsam, did a quick load of laundry that  had my pants in it, grumbled about the rash on my thighs from the foliage and heat yesterday, and cleaned the kitchen (again).  Will it never END!?       Itty Bitty woke up and so did Moose.   I helped Itty Bitty pee while Mini Moose went back to sleep and woke up a little while later after Itty Bitty helped me steam mop the floor.   I showed her how to use the dirt devil to vacuum the oriental throw under the dining table and she did that while I took Mini Moose to pee.

He declined the pee in favor of wanting a snack.   I obliged and then he had a small pee.        I was in a rush to finish up some last minute cleaning and take a shower before our guests arrived.   In that meantime Mini Moose had a huge pee that I missed while he was practicing his breast stroke on the floor.   He is master of the 360 belly pivot, can creep, heave-ho and wiggle his way to where he wants to go until he runs out of gas — then he cries the “pick me up wail”.   He prefers not to roll from front to back because he has trouble controlling the weight of his head, but he can do it — albeit with a finishing thunk on the floor.    He has very fast grabby hands and we have to watch him when we have cups, bottles, bowls, and other items in our hands or in his reach!

Our guests arrived and we spent the afternoon in lively conversation about speakers, music, and education.  Their 4 year old was shy but got used to Itty Bitty’s forward behavior, had a few arguments, then played the afternoon away in sandbox, sprinkler, scarf box, sidewalk chalk, and whatever other antics little ones do.     Mini Moose was alseep on my back for THREE HOURS while we ate Daddy’s ribeye steak specialty (two big ones cut in half for the four of us).   I got to show off  the power of the mei tai and joke how he was preparing for being up all night again.   These were new friends of Daddy Man whom I’d never met before and it was a wonderful time.  She is newly pregnant with her second.  I just wish they lived closer to us.   It’s not really far, but also not around the corner either.    When the girls came back from the sandbox, we ate burgers and corn on the cob, then a chocolate cream pie.  We used the same prefold from 11am to almost 4pm.  I’d like to say it was because of my “mad skillz”  but really he only needed to pee twice in that time.

After they left, I missed on on the way to pee him in the toilet and we didn’t make it in time. And the rest were unexpected cluster pees.  We lazed the evening away coveting the new hammock, taking turns (it won’t hold our additional extra pounds together), excited about our afternoon.   Daddy man grilled the lovely franks our guests brought — not Itty Bitty’s first taste as I let her have a bite or two of organic nitrate free this year, but her first whole one on her own.    Now that she is almost three it’s time to help her learn indulgent food limits on these special occasions, and she did decline all but two bites of pie because she was full before!

Itty Bitty asked Daddy Man for help with potty twice.  She didn’t fall asleep (even with no nap today) until 10:30 after she nursed.  She’d been waiting all day and within ten minutes she was out.  Though I had to be stern with her about being gentle. She gets a bit overzealous when it’s been a while!  Lots of misses with Mini Moose once we cleaned up and moved into the house.

I still say it was a successful day even though in the end it turned out to be a 50/50 catch rate.


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