Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 151

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

The crazy Rhodo.  I showed no mercy…

7/23 Day 151 M:   I woke up so sore from all of the yard work and non-stop cleaning and extra tired from the all night nursing sessions.   I didn’t catch anything, just did multiple change outs.    It’s not hard to do, I don’t use covers, however, last night he peed before nursing as well as right after.   Double duty!       Construction crews were out again with their damn beepbeepBEEPBeeping.    Needless to say I am tired.   The baby was also very clingy, crabby, and cried a lot.    Which, of course, means that Itty Bitty was clingy, whiney, and pouty.     I so totally get the advantages of a co-wife or co-husband who didn’t go to work outside of the home.   I’d be the alpha female, naturally.

Anyway, we had a couple of easy morning catches and a small morning poop in the toilet.  Tons of afternoon clusterpee craziness that just kept getting missed.  We were so out of sync all afternoon until around 4:00pm when things just clicked again and we had a good evening and didn’t miss until just before we went to bed.

Not much else to say.  It drizzled all day, so I guess it matched our gray moods.


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