Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 152

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Little Trainer Testing

7/24 Day 152 T:   Last night was a bit better since Mini Moose woke up only every 3rd hour and was dry when he woke up the first time and just before we got up for the day at 6:30AM and I caught those big ones.      We went to bed around 10PM so Mini Moose was rareing to go and there was just no coaxing him back to sleep.    I picked up downstairs (perpetually), put in some laundry, and emptied the dishwasher while Mr. Happy played on the playmat.   I took him pee twice (pretty much after each time I finished a chore) in order to catch the cluster pees.     It went quite well and I only missed two after that.      Then around 7:30 Mini Moose wanted a nurse and a nap.  Daddy Man woke up at about the same time as Itty Bitty and Mini Moose (about 8:30AM).      Itty Bitty really needed another hour but she insisted that she wanted to be up.    I made her some oatmeal and then took the baby to potty.   He had a big pee.

The rest of our day was pretty uneventful.  I  had only two misses the whole afternoon, and even caught half a poop in the toilet.   Mini Moose “waited” when I “eeeked!”    He was sitting on my lap in training pants happily chewing his fingers when I heard part one of the initial blast.    Surprisingly, none of it got anywhere.      The trainers I’ve been trying on him over the past couple of weeks now and then to see how they fit.   They are Gerber 18M size and a little bit big but they are serviceable.   They actually work quite nicely to contain belly pee which, by the way, are getting less frequent.        I pretty much leave Mini Moose bare the whole day using prefolds as wee pads and drapery, only fastening it with the snappi if I’m going to be out of the room for a while or we are going out.

While I was at work, G-Ma apparantly didn’t heed a pee warning from Daddy Man and got herself doused in a Mega Pee that went right through the secured prefold.    Oops!      Mini Moose apparently was very crabby and displeased at not having the Mommy Mammaries nearby and was crying his displeasure and she insisted on taking him from Daddy Man and comforting him.

This growth spurt he is in is quite the doozy.


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