Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 153

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7/25 Day 153 W:  By the pricking of my throat something wicked is on approach.  I think Daddy Man is harboring a plague, we’ll see.   Last night, I had a catch with the first wake-up (I was still wired up from caffeine for work alertness) and then he peed twice more in the night as normal nursing times then we had our cluster pee tango.  We are at an awkward size now where he is much too large for our potty bowl and the bjorn still not quite comfortable with the boy accessory.    I have an idea to get an old hospital plastic bowl, put a prefold in it, and use it as a big wee pad.   With a girl a bowl with high sides was perfect, with a boy I find a low profile better for potty position with aiming needs.

We had a ton of misses starting with mommy needing a potty opp of her own.    Itty Bitty peed, I peed the baby and then put him on the floor to play together,  I put a flat on him for belly pee containment as I needed a moment to get down to my own business.     Mini Moose immediately began to practice his “get on my knees”  maneuver and his”rocking back and forth” trick.     I’m not in the bathroom 60 seconds when I hear the first little “brrp”.    Akkkk!   I could do nothing — being busy and all.     Then the second, “brrp” was longer and Itty Bitty says, “Baby pooped!”    And then, Mini Moose got tired of waiting and went, “Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppthhhhhyhppppt”.


Man, I hate diaper poop.   It gets smeared everywhere.

We were off kilter after that while I did the normal daily chores until around 11:30 when we found our groove again.      I made lunch that Itty Bitty wasn’t pleased with because it was rice and leftovers and there weren’t enough of the yummy carrots I made yesterday.  We’ve got nothing else as an alternative so she at whatever carrots were left and chose to decline to have the rest of lunch.

We all had a potty break then spent the later afternoon outside in the shade.  I set up an umbrella and beach cabana to block the sun that seemed to defy all of the trees, blew some bubbles with Itty Bitty and let Moose play on the picnic blanket.   He managed to wiggle his way to the edge, shimmy out of his prefold, and grind his boy bits into the dirt (the very reason why I put on the prefold in the first place).   I spent 15 minutes plucking nature off of his penis and testicles.       Other than that he enjoyed amusing himself gumming the ears of a crunchy caterpillar toy while Itty Bitty played in the sandbox and I played words with friends on my laptop.

At about 4:00 he got hungry and I nursed him in the hammock until he fell asleep about 30 minutes later.  Itty Bitty came over to join us and I convinced her to take a nap by singing every kiddie song I could think of.  She fell asleep around 5:30 and then I finally was able to doze off and on at 6:00 until just before Daddy Man got home at 7:00 and missed the photo op by about 3 minutes.     Even though I didn’t get a very lovely long nap, it was still a nice cat nap in the summer afternoon.

I peed the Moose outside a couple of times but had to be clear to Itty Bitty that only “babies who are not walking and not strong enough to wait” may pee outside in the bushes because she wanted to drop her pants and potty too!     She looked pouty and then I said, “Mommy doesn’t pee outside.”   That seemed to click with her.    Whew!   I really need to remember to bring her little potty outside so that if she does need to potty she can at least potty in the right receptacle as we’ve done before this summer.   She doesn’t remember peeing outside as an in arms infant.    I plan on stopping with Mini Moose too very soon.  It’s not a boy girl thing for me, it’s a sanitation thing and encouraging habits I want like…going inside to pee.

Anyway, Daddy Man does seem to be coming down with something.   Boo.

I missed a small stealth poop (it was on the floor during naked time but was only a little bit and was cleaned up 100 times easier and faster than the big contained one earlier) — to his credit Mini Moose had been making a ruckus before it happened so he did give a warning.  I just wasn’t paying attention!


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