Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 154

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

7/26 Day 154 R:   A pretty ordinary day.  I’ve got a bit of a barky cough, but I am beginning to think we are all just suffering from the effects of the construction outside between the dust , diesel, and reek of asphalt I’m not surprised we are coughing and sniffing to be honest.   Itty Bitty has had a cough for a while and my throat has been itchy-scratchy before.   Daddy Man doesn’t feel well still, so I think he’s got some sort of bug on top of this poor air quality issue.

It was a fair catch rate day, about 75% success.   I’m getting better at getting the cluster pees but they can be unpredictable — I always think we’ve got them all and then he has three waiting in the wings.        He had a few belly pees from the effort of making a beeline for his sister’s toys.   He can really move fast, pivots on a dime, and can really surprise you with the things he can get too.   He even reaches up high seemingly to try to pull himself up.    He’s so close to sitting but tends to stiffen his legs, toppling himself over.

I totally forgot to pee him before we left for the baby hand off before work and he wet himself in his carseat.  Poor thing!     In some sort of weird baby revenge, Daddy Man said he let loose a giant poo bomb on their way home.    He said he was wide awake but really quiet on the trip and he was quite pleased, until he realized what gift had been left for him.    Oh My!       As they planned, G-Ma came to get Itty Bitty to take her to play.  I’m sure Daddy Man was happy for it since Itty Bitty was a bit put out that she fell asleep and Daddy Man didn’t make their usual stop.

I came home to a very full baby who didn’t nurse as much as I needed him too and I wasn’t able to pump so well since my Medela single electric seems to be dying.  I’m trying to hold off buying a new one.  I only need it for another 3 or 4 months or so.  Its not the motor, it’s the cord and the batteries just don’t produce as strong of a cycle. We’ll see!


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