Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 155

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7/27 Day 154 F:  Well, Mr. Zippy can really get to whatever he wants on the floor with great speed.  His belly pees  attest to the effort he has to put in at times and the trail of baby drool is sometimes mistaken for pee in the right light.  He is very close  to sitting up.  He’ll get it once he stops trying to stiff-leg to stand up and realizes he can balance on his butt–he’s got the ab strength.

Last night, Mini Moose was one stuffed baby and was quite mad that his sleep suckle was producing letdowns, so he fussed, looked cross, turned over and found the right position and went to sleep.  He punished me for my insolence later by waking especially hungry after a good long pee.

The day was routine.  We had a high cluster pee catch rate, good afternoon, and an iffy evening.   We even got 90% of the poop in the toilet with only the warning blast in the prefold!

Itty Bitty has been trying to be helpful with helping to do chores, it usually goes well unless I forget and don’t want help and I say no in a knee jerk way.  I have to backtrack and remember to say yes, for the sake of harmony for us both.    Sometimes I forget how little she is and how one day she will no longer see me as unflawed.    I want to cultivate the wonderful nature she has.


5 thoughts on “Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 155

  1. Lucky you for catching the poop! I totally haven’t caught a poop in weeks. The baby girl has decided that she prefers to do them in silence, which often ends up with it leaking out on everything so she needs a bath! lol.

  2. The moose sounds like he’s really developing fast! Almost sitting? Wow! Olivia is no where close to that, and she’s a whole month older! (I’m sure she’ll get there though)

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