Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 156

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Party Grrl

7/28 Day 156 S:  We missed a lot of the cluster pee this morning as I was making my morning clean-up rounds and get ready to leave for the two year birthday party we are going to today (Daddy Man bought the gift, I wrapped) and Daddy Man got us some muffins.   Itty Bitty was excited to wear a part dress with her sparkle shoes and pony tails.   Both kids had big potty stops before we left and Mini Moose was damp on arrival but finished in the toilet when I took him.    Everyone commented on what a happy, social, active, strong baby Moose is.  My babies go to anyone.  Itty Bitty has one minute of “shy tot” to assess the lay of the land and then is too busy to speak to her parents for hours.  We are merely body guards!    Moose stayed dry with one more potty break the whole time and we were there from 11:30am to 3:00pm, he even took a nap in arms.  He was the only wee baby there.   One mom was shocked he slept through noise and a hand-off from daddy man to me and stayed snoozing.  I explained that he was just use to it, no tricks involved.

Itty Bitty had zero interest in eating, passing up even fruit!   She drank and asked for water, had a few pretzels and a two little extra mini cake “pops” (small bites for the kids instead of big cake slices…cute) and was done with treats.   I helped her craft a foam spider (butterflies and bugs was the them wiith clever play stations and a bouncy house!) for the sole purpose in her eyes of using a glue bottle.  Hah!  She did quite well with not using too much.   She caught “bugs” with a net, played kick the ball, made sand cupcakes and bounced until dizzy.

We left a little early to get home before a coming storm with flash flood warnings got too bad.  Itty Bitty was very upset but we managed to contain the hysterics to a couple of minutes.

The kids fell asleep. as we drove right through the storm and lots of flooding.   We passed by an older gentleman in a stuck car holding out his handicapped placard.  Daddy Man was the only one who stopped, got out in the pouring rain up to his knees in water, and pushed the small car out of the puddle so that the man could get out while he waited for help if he needed too.   No one else stopped though many people drove right on past.      My guy is one of the good ones.

We got home and soaked Daddy Man dried off and we lounged around, missed a poop, and just had a quiet evening watching the Olympics.


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