Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 158

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

Big Sister accessorized Little Brother!

7/30 Day 158 M:   Agony.   Woke up this morning with pain in my right breast.  It felt like I had marbles underneath it pressed up against my ribs and I’ve got one of those white nipple blebs.   Such a teeny tiny thing and it is the source of such a deep ache that I feel in my shoulder and all the way down the right side of my back.    Each marble under there really hurts when I touch them.   My barky cough is also not improved.  Daddy Man decided to stay home from work since he said he was up all night coughing.         Mini Moose had his typical night of mega wee, but we did catch one early in the night.

Itty Bitty stayed alseep when I got up with Mr. Wakey to deal with this pain.  I had him nurse, I hand expressed, I pumped, I put on a warm compress, I nursed again, pumped again.  That duct would not unclog for anything!  It hurt so bad!    I finally, put the baby on the floor after a good pee in the toilet,  to play with Itty Bitty who woke up (I’d been trying to unclog my milk duct for two hours), went to the bathroom, got a clean needle and was bound and determined to get the job done.  I barely touch the tip of the white nipple blister with the tip of the needle…like a nano touch…and I exploded milk.    I squealed and ran across the house for my pump (It’s a medela single electric that can run on batteries) and I pumped that sweet sweet relief.   Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!   Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…!

That spot, still so tiny, was so sore but at least my back stopped hurting!       The rest of the afternoon was our typical day, but mostly I decided to take it easy.  I did make some Salisbury Steak from a recipe from Pioneer Woman.  I didn’t have breadcrumbs or bullion…but I had an old jar of McCormick No-Salt steak seasoning and some homemade mystery broth in my freezer (I assume it was turkey or chicken).    Everytime I thought there was enough seasoning I asked myself, WWPW do?  So I put in more.   Looked at it and then added a bit more just to be sure.   I used my favorite cast iron skillet and it got all brown and lovely and I sauteed the onions in it slowly.     It came out so good with mashed potatoes and broccoli on the side that Daddy Man had…seconds.         I just about fainted dead away.     Daddy Man is pickier than Mikey, the boy who hates everything.       He even used the words, “It was good.  Can I have more?”     Wow.

Anyway, catches won out today by a slim 60% margin, missed small poo that was deposited on a prefold.  I just let Mini Moose play on the floor a lot (I just sort of tuck a prefold under his penis and replace it when he darts across the room and settles in on a spot), it’s just a lot of belly pee because he’s been wanting to follow his sister and be pretty much “all up in her grill”.

Oh, sweet sweet revenge.    Er…I mean…isn’t that cute?


3 thoughts on “Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 158

  1. Oh my gosh, that clogged duct sounds awful!!
    I like reading PW’s blog, but I haven’t tried any of her recipes yet. I will have to do that since it sounds like it was a huge hit!

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