Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 159

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

I can get to whatever is on the floor with a little effort.

7/31 Day 159 T:   The tip of my right nipple is still so sore.   Mini Moose nursed non stop all night, but we caught this huge pee in the middle of the night.  He fussed and did the nipple pop until I got the message.  It seemed to go on forever, and after he was done he went right back to sleep.        I can see how his bladder is starting to go through a growth spurt of its own.   I should be seeing some major control changes in about two weeks or so.      Mini Moose has also been stiffening his body and legs when he doesn’t need to go and I’ve brought him to the toilet.     Unfortunately, Itty Bitty has been overly interested in his bathroom trips the last couple of days and if she is in the room he is more interested in watching her than in in peeing!

I’m not feeling so well with a cough and a headache so I am less patient with the interruption.  I like to take him, have him, pee and done.   But with her distraction sometimes I have to wait a few minutes and return, or hold him in position until he relaxes which is not comfortable.  Bah humbug.   *cough cough hack hack cough*    We didn’t have particularly good catch rate today…misses won out.  That’s the way it rolls sometimes.   On a happy note, while I was at work this evening Mini Moose save the mega poop for Daddy Man again — and he missed it.    That’ll do Moose.  That’ll do!  Haha.

Another trick he’s been doing this week is to crawl TO me with a certain pitch of fussy crying which I’ve learned means, “I’m wet!  What are you planning to do to fix this situation lady!?”   He has a different, more distressed pitch of a cry when he’s sitting in the “Poop Chair” or other chair and he’s soaked himself.  He get’s really put out and that sound gets you running because it is so urgent.        I think I’m going to start using the potty sign, now that he is able to initiate more physically and is strong enough with arms and coordination.  I don’t want to wait until he is physically capable of mimicing,  I want to establish the habit before that so that when he is able he’ll do it.     It’s like…I don’t wait until he can talk to talk to him 🙂   I blather on and on and then one day I hear my words back.

Itty Bitty has almost stopped using the toilet insert completely now that she can so easily get on the big toilet and balance.  We have to remind her to put the seat down sometimes.  She’ll either do that or use the little potty if she has to go really baddly and doesn’t feel she’d make it all the way onto the toilet.


One thought on “Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 159

  1. Yeah, I hear you on the distractions! I habe tht problem whenever we are out and about, both for potty and nursing.
    I agree it’s a good idea to start the potty sign! I’ve been using it for 2 months already and it’s just a habit now. I think she MAY be starting to recognize it, but I’m not sure.

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