Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 160

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He gets on his knees and does “the rock” like he’s trying to “rev up”

8/1 Day 160 W:   All this coughing has made my abs really sore and given me a pounding headache.   I don’t feel awesome.    Not that I felt awesome before this weird Daddy Man Virus, but feeling not-awesome kind of makes all of that hindsight seem awesome.   Anyway, I slept some but was awake more.   Of course, this meant we had two big catches last night since I was awake when Mini Moose did his “I gotta pee” wiggle.           The rest of the day I was having trouble because whenever I held him over the toilet I either started coughing or my head would pound.    I had to use the sink so I was upright, but then I was misdjudging pee needs with my lack of mental clarity and Itty Bitty distraction techniques.     It was a 40:60 day catch rate, with the catches being the low.    It wasn’t for lack of trying!    Pottying is just part of the daily routine, it takes no extra time.   I even missed the poo while I was trying to hork and snork out some phlegm.

Have I mentioned that Mini Moose has nearly gotten rolling to his back perfected?  His head sometimes still takes over, but he’s learning to use “head momentum” to his advantage especially if he is motivated by “thing that my sister has” or “I wish to see more of mommy than her feet”.   I’m sure there was something else I wanted to say but I’m typing between coughs.  I know I’m behind in attaching pictures and I have a backlog of draft notes to publish!  I’ll just back date them.

Of course, the kids are clingy and cranky and all Mommy wants to do is hibernate.       This too shall pass.


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