Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 162

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Morning Social

8/3 Day 162 F:   I hardly slept last night again.   Itty Bitty and Mini Moose are so used to my coughing that it is now ambient noise and the didn’t wake up.

I started my Princess Celestia project to ease my woes.  I took my Littles to Walmart after a good potty break.  We got some white spray paint, matte sealer, and a $5 mini backpack with Toy Story Characters for Itty Bitty.  They had no rashguards left.  It is apalling that they had Halloween stuff out!     Anyway, in between sweeping the floor for the millionth time and fussy baby, I spray painted thy My little pony princess who is ac white alicorn but only comes in pink.    Grrr.   Don’t get me started on the pepto color non-choices (it’s not a choice when there is only one available color).      Okay, one rant.  Twice over the past year I overheard little girls mistake my Itty Bitty for a boy because she was wearing a yellow shirt with a dinosaur on one occasion and a gray shirt with a train on another.  They told their mothers, “Why is she wearing that if she’s a girl?”       I detest the way color is gender segregated.   If you have a  boy your options are drab colors, plaid, sports, machines, and scary animals.   Can’t have flowers on your boy despite flowers being hermaphrodites, or gendered!   Boy butterflies, but no butterflies for boys.    Male birds re brightly colored, boy clothes must be anti rainbow.     I put on a lavender diaper cover on Moose with a blue shirt with an airplane and people assume he’s a girl.

Sorry.   Anyway, I spray painted that pony.

Mini Moose gave Daddy Man a warning poop and I was called to assist.  I had a feeling he was just holding back.  As soon asI held him over the toilet he had a lava flow!  Yay me!

Overall it wasa 50:50 day.  Lots of floor pee, but still got some big toilet pees.


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