Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 163

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

8/4 Day 163 S:   Hi, my name is *cough cough hack hack bark*.

That says it all.   I have a pile of laundry mocking me.  We had two big catches last night, though it is awkward with his size and weight now but we manage.     I can’t wait to be diaperless at night!   Moose has been experimenting with on his belly more now that he is stronger and a very confident floor surfer.   He’s belly slept twice this week.   He’s belly slept in a semi recline on my chest many times,but only once in a blue moon has he done it flat in bed after learning to roll on his own.

I don’t think any EC book I’ve read correlates any growth spurts ore milestones with bladder and bowel habits of infants.     For example, floor pees and cluster pees increased considerably when both Moose and Bitty learned to roll and floor surf.   They went down to almost nothing when Itty Bitty started sitting and she had an enormous bladder growth spurt at around 9 months.  I expect similar with Mini Moose, so I’ve got my eyes peeled.   He was able to sit up today for several seconds before toppling over.    He seemed pleased when he realized he was balanced!

We had a 50:50 catch day.  Daddy Man worked on his project and I did mine in five minute spurts.  Later we wnt out for a lousy dinner at a new pub-style restaurant.   I told the waiter the food was bland and lacked even salt and pepper.   A hungry Itty Bitty turned up her nose at her entree and didn’t devour it to a clean plate until I “fixed” it when we got home!  We spent the rest of the evening lazing in the hammock outside while Itty Bitty went back and forth to the sand box.

We missed a big evening poop with Daddy Man.  It was a big one too!  Ewww.   Missing a whole poop deployment really blows!


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