Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 167

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8/8 Day 167 W:   I slept much better last night.  I am still drained but at least the hacking fits are getting longer between each one.      We got up for the day and I got some good pees first thing in the morning while Itty Bitty was still sleeping then I missed some floor pees.  There was a whole lot of gas release going on all morning!      I KNEW there was going to be a poo bomb, I just did’t know when.       I had Mini Moose on my lap with prefold and belt after he was fussing on the floor and no longer entertained by Itty Bitty.  I had my hand around his waist and I was reading some blogs  and I didn’t notice him getting “vewy, vewy” quiet.   I felt his abs tense a millisecond before I heard the puff of air and her the sploogy noise.   I squealed, “EEEEK!” as  I held him up away from me and watched the magma poo bubble up the prefold at his back.

I ran to the bathroom managing not to soil myself or the floor.  I washed his but and left leg down in the sink with running water.    I thanked my lucky stars that even though I was surprised, my EC reflexes took over and what could have been an outfit destroying blowout turned out to be a mess that was easily taken care of .    The prefold and belt aren’t meant to contain a mess like that but, it did quite well because of the fast reaction time.  Picking him up right away allowed a poo pocket to form instead of him sitting and spraying it all out the sides.

It wasn’t a catch.  Yet, I still felt somewhat victorious.

We had hit and miss pees after that as usual.    Daddy Man called and volunteered to grill some hamburgers.  So we spent the evening outside with Off Candles to protect us from mosquitoes.   Interesting enough we didn’t have one miss with Mini Moose when we were out and I was peeing him nature.   Itty Bitty we allowed the freedom to go into the house alone and potty by herself — which is a big thing because we do not have a backdoor to our yard and she has to go around the garage out of sight and hearing.     She did well!  Though, she locked herself in the house and Daddy Man had to stand outside the door and go and tell her to undo the deadbolt lock she’d turned.      Well, it’s the only way they learn and we have to let her test her wings!   That curiosity is tough to anticipate!

I don’t think I mentioned it but on August 4th Mini Moose was able to sit up balance for a few seconds before toppling over.   This evening I tried him out again and he was able to balance 30-60 seconds!   He can sit with and without the arm tripod.  He flops over when he gets tired and throws himself back when he gets too excited so we have to watch that he doesn’t conk his head on the way down.


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