Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 168

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

Playing in training pants.

8/9 Day 168 R:   I’m still coughing but I am getting better slowly.  It is more of an annoyance at this point.     Mini Moose seems to be getting a little cough too.   Dagnabbit.  It isn’t bad, but I can hear the phlegm rattle, he coughs, sometimes spits, and then I don’t hear him cough again for hours.  Let’s hope that the breastmilk can keep whatever this funky thing is at bay.

Catches were 50/50 and I missed all the poops.    That said, he’s been on the floor a lot today annoying his sister, chasing toys, getting into trouble and such.   He can move very fast but he does sometimes have to strain all of his abdominal muscles to get to what he wants so he often ends up peeing or pooping from the effort.     And when he does get on his knees (or rather one knee with the other leg hanging in the air or the foot trying to find purchase) he has to fight to keep his balance.   This phenomenon should dissipate once he’s strong enough to crawl on all fours, and that won’t likely happen until he is a much more stable sitter.       For now we are carrying on with what we normally do.

I had to work tonight but all seemed okay when I got home.  G-Ma stopped by to visit the kids and they had a pretty uneventful evening.   Daddy Man even caught one pee.


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