Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 170

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

Late afternoon nap.

8/11 Day 170 S:   Well, last night was a bit rough.  The bed is smaller than I’m used to and Itty Bitty insisted on sleeping with me and not daddy and Mini Moose and I had some trouble with night time changes.    It was okay when I got up to pee, I brought him and he had a pee.  After that it was our usual change outs, but I was kind of disorientated and didn’t notice during one that his penis had plastered itself against his body pointing straight at his face.   So when I went to change a wet diaper erroneously thinking he had emptied his bladder I heard a strange crackling noise and baby coughs as I leaned over for a fresh one (he was behind me).  I thought it sounded odd but made no special note.   As I lifted him up and started looking for the snappi I dropped I heard the noise again and then realized that he was coughing because he peed in his face — twice!     Oops.  Sorry baby!     I had a puddle pad on the bed so it didn’t get the bed wet and I happened to have a onesie on him so it absorbed most of it.   Poor boy.

Needless to say the baby and I were up bright and early.    We wen to the continental breakfast and left Itty Bitty sleeping.  We were too early so we went back to the room and Daddy Man tells me that Itty Bitty woke up and freaked out because I was gone.  She got out of our bed, went to his, climb in crying, and was trying to crawl up his butt.     Oh well, we wanted to get an early start anyway right?   Daddy Man says, “No, tomorrow I wanted an early start.”       It worked out since it wasn’t raining and we ended up getting to spend 8 hours at the beach with no rain!

We had breakfast, packed our gear, and went on our beach trek.   Daddy Man and I had a disagreement over his choice of location.  I wanted to be closer to the bathrooms and car and he wanted to be closer to the rocky play area.        Really, we needed to be closer to the bathrooms and car!    Carrying even our light gear back with a passed out Itty Bitty on my back, AND carrying Mini Moose was just too much at the end of the day.   Itty Bitty just wore herself out running all day long nonstop.      I made sure all parties had on their rash guards and put on zinc sunblock on exposed areas because it wasn’t hot and that is when people are more likely to get a sunburn.      Daddy Man’s feet got singed a bit, but the rest of us were well protected.  I stayed in the sun tent most of the time with the baby but we did have lots of water play and took a long walk at the lowest point of low tide.  It is quite a hike to get to the ocean at that point!  You can wade forever and still be only to your ankles and calves.

The beach wasn’t crowded since the forecast was for rain.    We rather enjoyed the non sweltering weather.   We had lunch, made some potty stops (Itty Bitty had the foulest poop three times in our little potty — luckily I brought a tupperwear with a lid for just such an issue so it didn’t stink up the beach–I emptied it in the bathroom when I made my potty stop).   Mini moose had an miss and then I really couldn’t tell because we were in the water a lot (I think he was holding it though because when we got back to our room he just peed and peed and peed every 15 minutes).  Just as we were leaving it started to drizzle and we got to see a full rainbow!    We ordered pizza from our favorite place that we don’t get any other time of the year.   Itty Bitty stayed asleep from the car to the bed and was pretty much out cold except for a short pee break until the next morning — so she even skipped dinner.


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