Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 171

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8/12 Day 171 Su:   Happy 5th Anniversary!     We were all so exhausted from a weekend of outdoor activity that we slept in.    I was first up as usual and brought the continental breakfast back to the room.    We checked out around 11AM and then went to the beach on the surf side rather than the lazy lagoon side.    It was another not-too-hot day with some cloud cover.    The tide was out  but there were still a lot of people body surfing.     We were camped close to the facilities but a pretty good walking distance to the water.  It wasn’t bad though because the sand was pretty packed because high tide is very high.  It was a nice walk and we could still watch people body surf and boogie board.     Itty Bitty and Daddy Man spent a lot of time playing in the surf.    I took Mini Moose too but didn’t stay as long to protect him from too much sun at once.   I love our sun tent!      Itty Bitty enjoyed her game of chasing “sea goose” again (seagulls of course) and just didn’t stop.  She barely stopped for lunch.      Mini Moose peed twice with me in the toilet and I had to take Itty Bitty once also.

When we left the two of them passed out in the car.    I did make the mistake of not feeding him before we left and he had a meltdown thirty minutes before we got home.  We made a quick stop to give him a nurse and pee but he was tired and distracted and we had to ride the rest of the way home with him still crying.     When we got home I immediately latched him on and he passed out after getting blasted by the letdown stimulated by his cries in the car.    Itty Bitty had another bath and was just as unhappy about getting her hair washed as I didn’t bother to wash her hair even though he had a bath the first night of our trip.   It’s just not worth the effort and beach hair is quite becoming!

We had a tone of pee misses with Mini Moose, but we had a few catches too.      Just have to roll with it!

We decided to order some subs from a new place and were were quite pleased with the chicken parm subs (the best delivery of chicken parm we’ve ever had) which were flavorful with a hint of fennel and they were crispy!   Fresh real potato chips just made and a delicious cinnamon dessert pizza.    Yes, we indulged!


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