Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 172

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Playing together

8/13 Day 172 M:    Oh, how I hate unpacking…let me count the ways.    I washed all our beach gear and did diaper laundry.  I swept of sand off the floor three times and there is still sand on the floor!      I cleaned the bathroom…again.   Folded and put away laundry.    We seem to be missing a toy squishy book which I’m not pleased about.    I only brought three baby toys and one didn’t make it home it seems.     Of course, I also  took care of the littles.     Needless to say there was a ton of misses after our initial morning catch and after nap pees.    Mini Moose just spent a lot of time on the floor today creeping, cruising, and launching.  He chased balls, found paper, and lunged for all the toys except the baby toys.     He had a ton of belly pees and since he didn’t poop all weekend he had a big blast and at least three small expulsions.   I didn’t catch much in the middle of the day but we found some groove again in the evening.

Daddy Man wants me to take him in to check on his cough.  Honestly, I am not concerned about it since he seems to cough only occasionally to dislodge some loose phlegm, smacks his lips, and swallows it.   Gross but effective I guess!   Totally gross.    Since I figured he could go in for his 6 month check anyway it wouldn’t hurt.    If it wasn’t for Daddy Man, I wouldn’t bother with well checks at all.  I just don’t go as often as “They” suggest.         I really don’t see the need of having someone tell me what I already know…he’s grown an inch, is meeting milestones and then some, and weighs about 16 pounds.   He’s not sick, there’s not much to say!

Anyway, he’s sitting really well now and can stay upright and balance for five minutes and he can get himself back into belly position by himself with pretty good control.


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