Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 173

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

Very potty stable now!

8/14 Day 173 T:      Wow, he peed so much last night.  I think I did eight change outs.    We missed a morning poop right out of the gate too.     We got an appointment today and sure enough I was right.  He is healthy, meeeting milestones, is perfectly average, grew an inch, and weighs 16.2 pounds with a 43cm head.   Shocker!    Hah.    He also decided to not have phlegm when the doctor listened so…that was that.   I had him get the DTaP and only that.   I think it is a crock of cow pie that insurance won’t pay for the thimerisol free vaccine.   Bastards.   I still haven’t been able to get Itty Bitty’s records transferred.     She likes to play with the toys in the office, but I’m not sure it is a good fit for her and I get the feeling that if she were the one being examined she wouldn’t be cooperative.   He’s not a particularly warm personality.   Our family practitioner who retired was more friendly.   I’d like to find a Family Doctor again, but it seems like no one is taking new patients and it is hard to find someone who accepts alternative vaccine schedules.    I miss our family doctor.   He treated me like an intelligent human being and trusted my judgment and kept his nose out of parenting matters.

We had a good morning of catches, but he was a bit exhausted in the afternoon and I missed a few pees as I was trying to blog.     He seemed a bit warm to me but when I was at work Daddy Man said he perked up and was scooting everywhere.    Daddy Man got a nice big wee in the sink.   I also discovered why Mini Moose makes googly happy faces at me if I pee him in the sink.  It is a game he and Daddy Man play.    Mini Moose has the most infectious smile.   We make happy babies!


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