Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 175

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

8/16 Day 175 R:    I had an awful coughing fit last night that left me with a sore throat and aching head.   I’m also very stiff from the way I’ve been sleeping.      I’m really beat.

Daddy Man called to remind me that he promised Itty Bitty that he’d cook her spaghetti for dinner.    That was fine by me, though I didn’t really feel much like doing the cleaning up.    The spaghetti turned out so delicious that I had seconds and cleaned up while I was making more pasta to finish the last of the sauce.

As for our EC day, it was pretty good.    We got back on track with our usual catches but also had our floor misses.   Mini Moose also pooped at least five times!      It’s just really unusual.  This goes beyond the “push poop” caused by his effort to heave-ho himself across the room or arching his back very far so that he can look up (that often causes a lot of farting).   It’s really unpredictable.      I’ve had to do diaper laundry three days in a row.

Yes, I still do diaper free time every day even though I know there is going to be misses.   It is not a big deal to me to clean a little infant mess off the floor.    I make it a point to do some diaper free time every day because I think it is an important part of the process.   Our “good” days are even those days where we had a lot of misses but learned something in the process — such as learning the “wait cue” (stop and stop urine flow).   Discovery of a cause and effect like “Push Poo” a poo produced from the abdominal effort of crawling or the “belly wee” the pee produced by pressure on the belly from the effort of a new creeper or baby new to belly play.    Even the “back arch fart” is an interesting phenomenon.

At least EC keeps things interesting!


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