Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 176

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

8/17 Day 176 F:   I woke up three times last night in panic after bad dreams and what I think were abnormally deep sleeps.  Once I woke up when Mini Moose woke up and was moving around and I thought there was a rat in the bed!   The next time it was Itty Bitty making movements and I woke up startled thinking she was some sort of monster animal.   And again Mini Moose woke me later and my heart was racing.      Very unpleasant!       On a positive note I only had one coughing fit!   Mini Moose had an unexpected morning poo before we even got out of bed.   Flapjacks!

We had a play date that came over and we all went outside to play and talk.   Itty Bitty and her friend were playing quite well despite their personality clashes.     Mini Moose had nice out door pees in the nearby bush and I talked about EC with my mom friend.    I explained how we still have a lot of misses, but Mini Moose has learned the wait cue and we do very well with wake up and in arms wees.   Floor wees are another matter but that will come in time when he gets stronger.  We used the same diaper all afternoon.   I missed two more poos.  They were stealthy “push poos”.  I tell you, this boy is going to accidentally do a somersault one of these days.

He’s proving to be strong, solid, and athletic like Itty Bitty who also was very mobile and very agile.   He’ll be pulling up in a month.  I remember that Itty Bitty gave us heart attacks because we thought we had some breathing time in between her learning to crawl.   He’s changed so much already and I feel like I am missing it even though I stare at his round baby face trying to freeze it, and every time I look at Itty Bitty I can see her toddler-ness fading.

I’ll sniff me some baby head and zerbert my girl to make myself feel better!


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