Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 177

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

Wearing trainers and getting into sitting position by himself!

8/18 Day 177 S:   Mini Moose has been trying hard for a long time using his awesome yoga powers to go from a crawl position to a sit position and today he did it!      He fought for it, look a bit surprised, and then something just clicked for him and he just kept doing it like it was nothing.    He eye balls a toy or something he isn’t supposed to have like a piece of paper on the floor, plots his course, races across the floor with his pulling-launching mode of creeping, grabs it, then rolls his body and pivots on his bottom so he can sit up.    He’s still a bit wobbly but has learned quickly how to break his fall — it took many many face plants and head konks to work that out!       Now when we put him on the floor he no longer keeps his legs stretched out to be placed on his belly, he tucks them under his body so that he is placed down sitting.   He then decides what he is going to do and puts himself into crawl position when he is ready.

Thus far, when he is sitting he hasn’t peed or pooped, but he still has his belly pees and poops.   He still will crawl to me when he is wet to alert me of the situation.     A few times over the past couple of weeks he has crawled to me complaining but dry and I’ve taken him to pee.     He did that today too.   I am not sure if he is crawling to me to complain about something else like “hunger” and it just so happens that he has a full bladder and I take him to pee as part of routine, or if he is coming to me to ask to be taken.     Either way is good!   He has either learned to ask by doing that, or he is learning to ask by doing that.      Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Anyway, we had three catches last night.  I forgot to bring a bowl upstairs last night so I just had him pee on some already soiled prefolds on a wee pad.    I did miss the stealth morning poop and another unexpected afternoon poop, but we used the same prefold for five hours.   We had diaper free time as usual throughout the day, but I put a prefold on him if I’m not able to pay particular attention while he is on the floor playing.  I don’t want the toys on the floor to get pooped or peed as he smears it on the floor while moving around.     This isn’t going to last long.  Now that he is a sitter I am certain that his abdominal strength is going to coincide with his sphincter strength.

Daddy Man’s paternal grandfather had a major stroke today and we are hoping he’ll make it through the night and recover.   The good thing is that it occurred in the presence of a witness so it was detected right away.  With strokes, the faster the response the better the outcome.


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