Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 178

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

8/19 Day 178 Su:   The good news is that it wasn’t a stroke at all, just  a series of seizures.   He is still sedated to keep him calm and tomorrow they will update on how he is doing.   It could be a side effect of one of his many medications to control a heart condition, diabetes, and other things.

Daddy Man was stressed most of the day so we didn’t really do much and it was a pretty typical day otherwise.   Daddy Man brought us Muffins for breakfast and we lazed about in bed.    He’s on vacation this week as we were going to go to Michigan to visit family, but plans got changed and we instead are going to go to Cape Cod midweek.     My cough is almost gone, but I still sound like Fran Drescher — all nasal!

Mini Moose is gung-ho about practicing sitting up on his own and just can’t seem to be still.   He didn’t nurse nearly as long as he usually does, but that didn’t stop him from producing plenty of pee.  He’s just gulping faster because the letdown is so forceful from him not nursing a marathon.     He had many spills of no consequence but had one where he hit his face pretty hard on the floor and left a red mark even after I iced it a bit.   He’s going to have many more of those.

We caught one big pee last night, and then had a good morning of several catches in a row before we had some floor misses and misses while I was busy cleaning the “office”.    I’ve been wanting to take apart the futon in there that we no longer use so that there is space for the second toy box we were given second hand.  A nice big one, larger than the wooden one we have in the living room.     It took forever to pull the thing apart because of all the different size Allen wrenches I needed.   Once it was apart I brought the &*%ing mattress down the cellar and pulled all sorts of muscles trying to get it up off the floor and neatly on a daybed down there.    I finally had Daddy Man bring down the heavy ends while I fed the Moose.     That done I swept and rearranged.    Now I can actually sweep the floor in there again, I moved the litter boxes out of the line of sight from the door, move my craft drawers in front of an outlet.  Our desks are still a disaster and the closet needs a little work (not bad, just the floor where I threw a few things) but I put Daddy Man’s pile of mail in a box and neatened up a few things.  It looks tons better and I was able to put Itty Bitty’s little wooden rocking horse in there to get it out of the way.    I was exhausted by the time I finished.

Our catches were pretty good–I’d say a 60:40 catch rate!    Daddy Man caught a big pee too!    No poop deployment today.


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