Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 179

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

8/20 Day 179 M:      It was a pee-a-thon last night.   I did catch one in our potty basin (I finally got it from the cellar so that I don’t have to pee the baby on a pile of dirties or in a tiny bowl.  I put a prefold in the bottom so it won’t spill and I can easily hold him in a squat and there is a wide berth in case the whizzer gets out of control!).    For the most part, instead of nudging me awake with baby kicks he’s flipping over and crawling away with crying complaints.      He is wet by this point and he is done and wants to feed.     We’ll get it.  I know that one night out of the blue it will all just click into place.  I just need to stay prepared and keep up the effort.      He nursed like a newborn because he was so busy burning calories yesterday.

The baby and I were up at 8:00AM because he was raring to go.    I didn’t have a miss all morning until around noon!   He was having nice big pees and he spent so much time on his butt that he wasn’t doing the belly pees until later when he was scooting like mad all over the floor.   He’s been a little difficult to read.  He gets tired but doesn’t want to sleep so he nurses and whines and begrudgingly passes out.   He just wants to practice this new skill set over and over and over.

I left the kids with Daddy Man so I could go grocery shopping so that was the end of our streak.   Daddy Man looked a bit haggard when I returned.  Itty Bitty was jonesing for attention and kept waking the baby and the baby was ripping mad because now that he was awake and interrupted he wanted to nurse.       It’s Armageddon every time I leave!

We spent the late afternoon and early evening at a splash park to let Itty Bitty burn off some energy.    Mini Moose stayed dry and I peed him in the ladies room.   The splash pad is new but the playground a little further needs some TLC baddly.   Gangs have tagged the slides so it looks worse that just wear and tear.    I don’t get why they feel the need to deface and destroy a child’s play area.     When we got back, the little ones took a long nap on the couch with us and I was finally able to fix the unraveling hem on the blue fairy dress I  got Itty Bitty with her Easter Bunny money in April.   It’s not a great  job, but I stopped the fraying.   It took me one and a half episodes of Cyberchase to finish.       When Mini Moose woke up we had a big catch and then we had 50:50 misses.

I’d say overall that the day was a 70:30 catch rate.


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