Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 180

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

8/21 Day 180 T:     I’m still nasal but only a few coughs.     Had one catch last night early and then it was all soaking wet misses with his new method of crawling in a random direction — which is not a pleasant way for me to wake up because it startles me.  My brain registers something as “wrong” and rouses me in a panic.   We were up early again around 7:30 or so.   Mini Moose nursed like gang-busters again.  He’s non stop all day long!     He refuses to be put on his belly and just wants to sit up all the time.      This morning he also had a very substantial morning pee and was dry for two hours after a small wee miss on the floor!

Itty Bitty has been  enjoying playing with the toys Mini Moose has been after, though sometimes she is too fixated on “mine” rather than “taking turns”.  We’re working on it.   We took them to the splash pad again today.  I remembered my suit this time and Daddy Man took the opportunity to get me soaked before I took my coverup off!     Itty Bitty played with Daddy Man, Mini Moose splashed in a gentle area, nursed, and almost napped on my shoulder.    Then we went for a quick bite to eat at this place that makes sandwiches to die for.   I just want to pitch a tent and camp out there and eat myself into a stupor!

We were going to go to another playground to let Itty Bitty run around some more, but Destructo Girl appeared and we decided she was too tired to be safe and it was best to go home.   Mini Moose was dry for all car rides and we used the same diaper all day until I forgot to take him to potty when we were settled at home and he had a super soaker.    Oops.    I got busy trying to pick up and finish laundry so I could pack for our trip tomorrow.    I was also cleaning the litter boxes because I was irritated (our female cat does not like a dirty box and pooped on the floor.  No matter how many times I tell Daddy Man that the boxes need to be scooped daily…le sigh…he waits too long!  Is my life all about poop!?).

Itty Bitty had a strange incident on the toilet while I was out exchanging a bra (Mini Moose was with me).    She was on the toilet just fine but her pee was so copious and forceful that it gushed between the bowl and the seat and pooled on the floor.     She and Daddy Man were cleaning up when I got back and she came up to me and said, “I ‘pologize Momma.”       In an hour and a half there was that incident and then she was mad and yelled at the cat because I didn’t take her with me so she apologized to the cat.        Like I said, Armageddon every time I leave!

Mini Moos wanted to go to bed early, so he had an nice pee and a melt down as I was trying to finish packing before finally gave up, came to bed.  While he nursed to sleep I caught up on my blog entry for today — I have a backlog of drafts that still need pictures.

Today:  70:30


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