Month 6: Creep, Pivot, and Wiggle – Day 181

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 6:  Crawl

Traveling with just the essentials.

8/22 Day 181 W:   5AM.  I was up at 5AM because Mr. Wakey Man was ready to  be up for the day.   On the bright side, we caught two massive poops and only missed one pee out of several catches.   I cleaned a bit and  finished packing keeping it all extra light for the three day excursion.  I managed to get it all into one small suitcase, one carry-on for diapers, our 8 gallon pail, and a beach bag.   Moose took a short nap just before Itty Bitty and Daddy Man roused.    We left around 10AM, half an hour later than I wanted, but not bad.

The kids slept the whole trip and I even caught the “on arrival” pee!  Our cottage room was quite nice with a king bed, kitchennette, and pull out couch for grandma who treated us to this mini vacation.   We were near the pool and very close to the private beach and playground.  It was so nice to ave short jaunts and not feel obligated to stay on the beach.   We did spend the late morning to late afternoon by the ocean, and the evening at the pool which Itty Bitty loved and kept Daddy Man busy.  She even “stole” a tiny inner tube and was very pleased with the flotation freedom.

We used two diaper all day, I just peed the baby on two soiled  prefold resting in our wet bag over and over.   Mini Moose even stayed dry and peed in the restroom when we went to eat at our favorite seafood shack.   Back in the room, we had a pretty good catch rate wih 2 or 3 misses before we went to bed for the night.


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