Month 7: Holding Power – Day 183

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Playing in our room

8/24 Day 183 F:    It was a soggy night for sure!   It was a combination of me being so drained and exhausted from all that physical activity and fresh air, and my worry in being in a strange bed.   We had a morning of mostly misses though we did have some hits.     Itty Bitty immediately asked for the pool as soon as she woke up, but we checked out and went to another beach for the day.    It was very crowded and very hot, but the sand very soft.  The food stand though was horrible.   A 24 ounce bottle of water was 2.50!   Hello, gouging.    I’ve never seen 20-somethings move so slowly.   I watched them through the window and I observed the fry person picking up two onion rings at a time and the grill person doing one order at a time.   Yikes.  I almost went into a coma.   It took me twenty minutes to walk to a nearby hotel to use the ATM and I wasn’t pleased having to wait 30 minutes  for two hot dogs and a slice of pizza.

Anyway, it was very hot but we had the sun tents and spent all day until 3pm right on the water.  The tide came in and kissed our tents but we were in a good spot thanks to Daddy Man.   Itty Bitty wore Daddy Man out in the water.  The water has been about 70 degrees so quite pleasant and I was in it quite a lot having fun with the kids even though I don’t swim.

We did have a poo miss at the end of the day at the beach.  It wasn’t big, but I didn’t notice it until I took off the swim diaper.    We started the drive home okay, but Mini Moose woke up thirty minutes in and had a huge pee in his seat and was very upset and hungry.    We made a short stop, but he was fussy again and we pulled off to a rest stop twenty minutes later and he was wet again.  He was mostly inconsolable because he wanted to nap but didn’t want to be in the seat.  Ten minutes before we arrived home he stopped crying.    I didn’t bother to unpack.   I took Mini Moose right to bed and Itty Bitty had dinner with Daddy Man then passed out when she came up to bed.


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