Month 7: Holding Power – Day 185

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Our wide potty bowl with a prefold in it to avoid spills in the still of the night.

8/26 Day 185 Su:   I’m very tired today again and we just took it easy.   It was a great day of catches though.   We used only two diapers in the night and he had 2 or 3 (I can’t recall as I was groggy) catches in our potty basin which works much better with the boy attachment than the Bjorn or small cup for us at this stage.   We have a 3 in 1 convertible crib set up sidecar style so there is plenty of room, but the basin could be easily put on the floor or end table without a sidecar.

Our morning was a slew of catches also.  Mini Moose released a rather big waking pee and we got the nest several cluster pees.   There were misses in the afternoon, particularly the poops.   I caught half a poop that he stopped when I exclaimed startled as he was sitting naked on the floor.   Totally may fault.  He had given a warning fart two minutes before but I chose to not react and that was the consequence.  Not a  big deal.  I washed his butt in the sink and it took two seconds to clean the half poop off the floor.     Later, he had a huge poop in a secured diaper.  He crawled up to Daddy Man because I wasn’t available and complained about it.   Poor Moose.


One thought on “Month 7: Holding Power – Day 185

  1. i am using the bowl of björn clever potty. i have this cloth ring to cover the edges (he doesnt like to sit on a cold potty). i position the potty between my legs because he nurses and pees at the same time. to avoid the ring and my pyjama from getting sprayed on i just put my hand 3 inches away from his sprinkler to direct the stream. the warm urine wakes me up too! i have another bowl of water to rinse my hand.
    i thought night time ec would be really hard. it took me 2 sleepless nights waiting for the pee stir, kicking, wiggling, etc. it was a bit tricky at first especially when he was sleeping on his tummy.
    then i realized he pees between 11:30pm -1:30 am again at 3 and 5am. he wakes me up again at 6 or 6:30. sometimes he stirs, i glance at the clock(too early for his pee session) and offer him the potty (better offer than be sorry).but he wouldn’t pee at all. he somehow sticks to his schedules.
    it has been a month now that i practice night ec. there are nights when i miss 1 or 2 (when i am really tired and dreaming i am pottying him–only to find out a minute later that he is wet). but most of the nights i catch all the pees (3 pees, sometimes 4).

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