Month 7: Holding Power – Day 187

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Take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves!

8/28 Day 187 T:   It was an off night and I missed all but one pee and it carried into the morning where I just was missing left and right and only caught the easy after nap pee.     I am really worn down.  That darn cough is back today and my nose is running like crazy.   There must be something in the air.

We got some what on track in the afternoon, but more miss than hits unless it was after a nap.   I was just so busy blowing my nose or coughing poor Mini Moose had to resign himself to crawling and grabbing my feet to let me know he was wet and uncomfortable.    He had some diaper free time, but I had him in a prefold longer than usual — but we put in our best efforts!.   Daddy Man said I looked zombied.  I tried to nap, but Itty Bitty always did smething to wake me up so by the time Daddy Man got home, I was out of all energy.

Mini Moose has been wanting to go to bed around 9 or 9:30 so I took advantage and went to bed early.  I  kept waking up in a drool puddle or coughing and not getting quality sleep.   Ironically, I easily caught two big wees as Mini Moose stirred.  He emptied his bladder and went back to sleep without nursing!       If you catch them right when they stir and pee them quickly, they hardly wake up.  It’s like us when we walk to the bathroom in the dark with one eye closed trying to disturb ourselves as little as possible so we can recapture that last dream 🙂


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