Month 7: Holding Power – Day 188

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

Big Sister has cut the trail…

8/29 Day 188 W:   I didn’t think I would get much sleep last night after nursing Itty Bitty around 11:30 while her brother snoozed, but I finally zonked out around 1:30 AM and the little ones slept until 10AM!    Wowza.   Now, this doesn’t mean that neither of them woke up.  Itty Bitty woke up twice that I recall, and Mini Moose at least four times, but I did get a stretch of 3 hours – short wake – then two hours – short wake then three hours of deep sleep.  That’s like totally awesome!   It’s just a guesstimate but that’s what it seemed to me even though I avoid looking at the time more than once if I feel it is nearing sunrise.   We only used two diapers for the night and had one miss just before waking which I don’t think I should count since he started peeing as I was taking off the diaper.   So we were on task just didn’t quite make it.

I felt so good that I decided to take the little ones for some portraits.   Mini Moose 6 month milestone and Itty Bitty’s three year.   I totally missed Mini Moose’s 3 month professional pictures though I’m sure I have my own candid that will do just fine.   It’s funny.  I have a 1 month professional photo of Mini Moose but not Itty Bitty, and a three month professional photo of Itty Bitty but not Mini Moose.  So I guess it is a wash!  Their computer was down so  we have to go back to see them.  The young woman who usually does our photos remembered Itty Bitty and was pleased because I have shutterbug babies.  She didn’t do my belly pics or the one month pics because I went to Sears which is near our house — so she was surprised by the new baby.

Anyway, we had a good afternoon of catches only a few misses (like 3) and then the evening we were good until I mistakingly changed a wet diaper and didn’t take Mini Moose to pee — he’d been holding back and peed again ten minutes later and soaked the fresh one with Daddy Man while I was putting leftovers away.

I’m quite bummed that one of my work appointments got cancelled as I really could have used that money.   It’s going to be a lean winter and will take me until 2013 to catch up with my credit card since I didn’t get the summer appointment I needed and Mini Moose’s home birth was not covered by insurance.  And my watch battery died yesterday and I feel  naked without it!


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