Month 7: Holding Power – Day 189

Compare to Sister’s Blog:  Month 7:  Pulling Up and Solids

8/30 Day 189 R:    We had just one catch last night because I kept just missing them as usual.  Sleepy zombie and all that.   Just like his sister though, he has begun to sit up, complain cry, and crawl towards my head when he’s dry but needs to pee.     We still do not use a diaper cover at night so he continues to get changed immediately, so he has been encouraged to keep trying to get my attention.  When we do have a catch in the night it is a very big wee.    We had a nice big pee upon waking for the day, too.   On a good day, I manage to sneak away with the baby with Itty Bitty still sleeping for another hour or hour and  a half, pee the baby, then set him on the floor to play while I clean up thing that never stay cleaned up.   On a fantabulously delicious day we sleep until 9:30.    I heart those days.

Since we were outside enjoying the last of the summer, Itty Bitty amused herself in the splash pool, we blew bubbles, and played a little catch.    I even let her go into the house twice all by herself to go get some snacks in the refridgerator.    Because I can’t see her through the garage and our front yard isn’t fenced (a very on driveway into the street) it was a big trust experiment that left me a bit nervous at first.   We’ve been experimenting with letting her go into the house alone to potty a few times.  She did great and always came back with a big proud on.  Anyway, it was infinitely easy to pee him as usual but with no notice of keeping the floor dry.   A bush, a tree, a dead patch of grass.   If he happened to have a small miss or two on the grass I didn’t notice.     We didn’t use a diaper all afternoon and I didn’t put one one him until we went back in the house around 6:30pm.  Then we had quite a few accidents while he played with Daddy Man, though I still got the after nap pees just fine.


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