Month 7: Holding Power – Day 190

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Behaving as nature designed

8/31 Day 190 F:   I knew it was coming.   I waited for it all day.   It kept teasing me with fart calls.    Around 6:00pm or so Mini Moose woke up from a substantial late nap on my lap.    I took him immediately to pee (almost didn’t make it) and he had the longest wee-wee ever — he really worked to empty that bladder.    I waited a minute more but he was squirmy so I decided to put him down for for a bit and try again in a little while.   I just had a feeling.     I put him down on the floor naked to play and I decided to watch a video on youtube.

Usually, I have some sort of noisy warning but he either didn’t have one or I didn’t hear it.  Either way I look up to find the baby belly slip-sliding in a poop puddle.     Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I had to give the boy a bath, wash a toy, and clean about a square foot of space on the floor (only took 1 diaper and 2 wet cloth wipes).  Mini Moose thoroughly enjoyed splashing in the orange poop colored water as I rinsed him off.

I admit as much as it was annoying and gross, it was also equally funny.    It’s just a little baby poop and really it was no worse than a mega diaper blow out.

I think that is the most important thing about the EC attitude.   A good humor goes a long way in changing perception.    A negative attitude makes you think, “this is too hard,” “this is not worth it,” “I’m going to quit because this mess sucks,” “this isn’t working,”  “I failed.”     But, when you see things light hearted with a smile the feelings of frustration or annoyance are fleeting and are replaced with, “I’m glad that wasn’t on my clean pair of pants,” “I’d rather clean this than toxic toddler poop that’s for sure!”,  “why are you smiling, you just had to wait until I was getting my Youtube on didn’t you, naughty goo goo boo baby woo woo,”  “Hmmm…well that part of the floor is now clean and shiny…”

I am confident that we will get to poop nirvana once more!

Another thing one must remember is that as they grow their abilities to communicate change.   Mini Moose still kicks me when he wants to pee at night and is nursing, but he has added the “sit up and fuss” and the “sit up crawl and fuss”.    Now that he is a little rocket on the floor he can more easily crawl to our feet.    If he is dry when he gets to our feet and starts doing swimming motions with fussing we take him to pee, otherwise when he does that he is almost always wet if he is in a prefold (no cover of course) or in trainers!    It is really very cute.

As for last night, we had one big catch early in the night, three misses, then we caught all the morning cluster pees (we were up for the day at 8:30).      Other than the poop, we had a very successful day with only two pee misses.   One was a pee at destination during a work errand and I forgot to pitstop (he was dry when I took him out of the car seat), and another random pee during floor play time.   Around 8:30pm, I decided to go to the grocery store with just Itty Bitty and left Mini Moose with Daddy Man and they had two misses.

I’d say today was a solid 80:20 catch rate.


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